On History, the Labour Day Classic, and the Forbidden Chant

Enjoy what? ducking honest questions? Posting WOULD be fun if you posted whatever popped into your head and didn’t explain anything.


Need, want, desire, choice, hobby ......whatever you like.

The Moderators clearly, and in no uncertain terms, warned you last week about your "instigating" Zontar....everything on this website today has been friendly and with good debate......until you reared your head again.....this is such a bummer and just discourages good people from posting....

this is a team website and not your own persecution and intimidation grounds Zontar....it's getting soooooooo old now!

Myself, I'm to the point I have to walk on egg shells when I post worrying what you will come back with in your obsession to discredit me.....I'm just a bloody fan trying to have some fun with fellow fans........what gives?

Either explain or get lost!

All very fascinating words in the context of this particular discussion - you would probably also be very familair with the words compulsion, obsession, fixation, and mania (and maybe even some of their clinical counterparts).

Actually, I thought of using, as my example, the name of another poster that follows up the posts of one particular poster (often within minutes), often pulling direct quotes from two or three year old posts, but you know, I couldn't think of one.

I received no warnings from anyone. You're the last one to lecture anybody on civility in here.
Why do you pretend this is a site problem when you're the only one with the "problem"?
All I've asked are fairly straight forward questions and you refuse to answer.

you never quit...I'll leave it between the mods and you...

Fascinating to see you are also familiar with such words and fascinating to see you're following right along, white stallion at the ready.
Problem is when you play the hero, or the site's moral majority or whatever you think your role is you have to keep doing it.
Because whether I'm here or not, silly, thoughtless posts are always going to provoke a reaction especially when you refuse to explain or provide facts to support an argument.
Its just the way chat sites are.
And I'm sure you wouldnt have it any other way.

For your info Zontar, Section 8 has on more than one occasion way back given me hell privately for even responding to your crap......I tried the advice and lately have ignored everything you have thrown at me...but now you have stepped up your obsession to the point you are disrupting the website as a whole.....you really need to stop now....

this place is supposed to be for fun....

here's a suggestion..

Everytime you need to take a swipe at me to satisfy the urge, just PM it to a moderator and they will forward it to me......ok?

this way, the normal flow of friendly banter and debate can continue....

see?....I have good ideas sometimes too! :wink:

I dont want to come between you and section8.. leave me out of it.

Too bad a thought provoking thread has gone into the ditch of which I share responsibility. Let's try to put this back on the tracks.
As a fan have you ever come across an Argo fan or anyone genuinely offended by the forbidden cheer? (not intimating this is impossible)

Oh dear, now I've gone and got myself all muddled up in it.

What I was going to ask, speaking of questions:

  1. If Mikey weren't such a prolific poster, would it afford you more time to maintain accurate folders of past quotes by other posters. For instance, I noticed that you attributed MY Teflon Ron remark to Mikey a few days ago - those kind of slip-ups are not acceptable from a man of your intellect, unflagging precision and unassailable integrity.

  2. It's been nice to see you expanding your universe enough lately to find room to once again call out the Box J Boys. (IMO your 2003-era "Box J Boy"/"people that stand in front of you" tantrums were among your best work - far from a NEED to protect Mikey, it's my being deprived of that classic misanthropy that's got me all in a funk). Anyway, on to the question - is it because:
    a)the Box J Boys have done something particularly henious
    b)time being what it is, you're losing a bit of your edge on the Mikey thing
    c)the founder of the suspension-era "Re-instate OMD" fan club (sorry if I got the name wrong - I don't keep folders) quit in a huff a day or two ago and you're looking for some new material to lure him back into the fold

The "forbidden" cheer is quite tame compared to the chant of displeasure I recall hearing for some time a period of time ago, but can't remember what stadium. -might have been a hockey rink in the USA.

AS# H###!

AS# H###!

AS# H###!

AS# Ho##!

Feeling self-important?


Man, you REALLY DO follow closely. "Obsession" just got redefined.

Do people dislike the Argos S.uck because of the word or is it they dont like it bellowed in ther ear constantly. Is it a case of blaming the cheer instead of the fan?

For instance, I noticed that you attributed MY Teflon Ron remark to Mikey a few days ago
I noticed that too "Section 8" but I chose not to make an issue out of it....Ron Lancaster and I are good friends now and I don't have to defend nonsense like what "Zontar" says I said about him....I've said a thousand times over that before I met Ron, and got to know him, I went along with the herd of fans and thought negative things about his style (Archie Bunker etc)..........he's actually a "hoot" privately and no, we won't agree on everything but what friends do?....I'm slowly "training" Ron......hahahaha....

Seriously, Ron's as stubborn as an oak tree but he's still fascinating to talk to and learn stuff...but I'll always go on record as saying we could have handled our QB situation better.....and I'll say that to Ron's face (don't bloody my nose though Ron.....)


(I've got a funny story about Ron from last year if you want me to share)

See, now there you go getting all sensible again. True enough, silly and thoughtless post, and the reaction they provoke, are the bread and butter, and often the cream, of chat sites. But you've got to admit that there are silly and thoughtless posts coming out of the woodwork some days, and your retaliation is not exactly evenly applied (OK, to be fair, there's now two guys, as well as the box J Boys as a collective).

Maybe I've read this wrong the whole time - maybe in the epic struggle to protect interim Coach L, Danny Mac, and other great historical figures of the CFL from petty, mean-spirited and groundless attacks, this one guy has given you all you could handle, and you've been waiting for the cavalry to ride in and take up the battle on dozens of other fronts.

Now that I get it, I'll take Woody - Woody, you are a great big bag of cheese.

“Maybe I’ve read this wrong the whole time”

Dude, sounds like you have been doing ALOT of reading.

Nah, just got rained out at Ribfest, too crappy to go to the cottage, wife's out shopping for back to school - just sitting around looking for a few laughs.

What nonsense? please explain.