On History, the Labour Day Classic, and the Forbidden Chant

...It's nice to see the forbidden chant yet again accorded its proper place by such esteemed individuals as George Gross, a 40-year-veteran of Canadian sports reporting. The way he describes "argos $uck!" and Oskee-wee-wee as two sides of the same coin is especially legitimating and gratifying to those who enjoy the forbidden chant and the greater Hamilton-Toronto rivalry of which it is part. It further demonstrates how the chant is an entrenched part of Hamilton Tiger-Cat history, and, on a more general level, Canadian social and political history itself.

I also noted that, although an argo fan, Gross laments the direction that the Ticat organization has taken since the halcyon days of the chant:

"That was then and tomorrow is another day. For the past three home games the Ticats have failed to score a touchdown and their once famous growl sounds more like a pusycat's meow. Long gone are the days of Grey Cup triumph...Now it's up to owner and highly successful businessman Bob Young and recently appointed manager Marcel Desjardins to breathe some life into the Tiger-Cats seemingly lifeless body. Either that, or call in the undertakers."
Yikes! Calling in undertakers! Clearly this is a job too big for just a couple of already-beleaguered people. I therefore suggest that some well-timed forbidden chants tomorrow, if the opportunity happens to present itself, might well be the thing that turns this season, and the franchise around. Oh the irony if the Bob Young Tiger-Cats were delivered from the clutches of the undertaker by the forbidden chant itself!

After three years of begging to be allowed to re-join our community in grovelling happily at the feet of the one they call the Caretaker, it is clear that the forbidden demographic needs to re-market itself. The conciliatory approach has failed to lift the banishment. The appeal to history and heritage garnered only contempt. The good-faith demonstration of social conscience was considered reprehensible at best.

I therefore submit to you that the wise, topical and appropriate use of the forbidden chant tomorrow can act as a cure-all for the Tiger-Cats. Just think of the major issues that could be resolved: the Box J hecklers would be chanting at the argos instead; a prevalent chant might lead to the turning off of the much hated PA/blaring music; and of course the chant always has a major impact on the field, and a special place in the hearts of many players.

But most of all, it would be the ideal protest, better than paper bags, better than dressing in certain colours, better than heckling the players. If only by virtue of its forbidden-ness, the chant and its adherents are the only Ticat-related entity to remain unsullied by the regrettable debacles of this and other years. Seeing as all other strategems have failed, the forbidden demographic really has no choice except to embrace its pirate nature. Therefore, the forbidden chant is the one thing left that can express your displeasure at the organization, but in a way that will have a positive effect on the field and in the stands.

For two consecutive years, Mr. Young has attributed the Ticat organization's problems to the fact that he's "an idiot," yet he seemingly has never questioned the correctness, appropriateness, ill-timing and dubious wisdom of a "personal campaign" against his own fans. After the 2004 season, the forbidden website's Board of Directors made the following appeal, because they knew that unity (a.k.a. "gelling") in the Ticat community would be of critical importance in the coming years:

For our part, we at [url=http://www.argos-suck.com]www.argos-suck.com[/url] are of the generation when the Tiger-Cats were most definitely not cool, when tickets could not even be given away, but we still supported the Cats unconditionally in the hopes that a “hero? would one day emerge to “save? the franchise. Now that this has occurred, we would like to reiterate that proper marketing strategy dictates bringing the “Argos Suck!? community back into the fold, rather than casting aspersions on our character and intentions. From the first humans to set foot in the region until today, the lesson is that we must stay united, for the sum of our parts in Hamilton is much greater than the hole Toronto. With the events of the past year and their resolution instilling in us a renewed sense of purpose, [url=http://www.argos-suck.com]www.argos-suck.com[/url] feels that the judicious used of the chant during the 2005 season will be a key ingredient in propelling our beloved Tiger-Cats to yet another Grey Cup victory. Bob bless us, everyone.
Alas, the forbidden demographic was rebuffed, and what followed we all know only too well. Therefore, as regrettable as this step may be, the Ticat community must come together without Bob Young (although the door's always open).

I predict that, during tomorrow's Labour Day Classic, if the forbidden chant can be made the axis around which the trolls can gather together with the phish, the flamers can unite with the immolated, the hecklers can ally with the bird-flippers, and all other fans can come together as one, we can solve the Ticat's problems and deliver victory, if only for this one day.

Therefore, in order to help achieve these magical goals, and if the situation warrants, watch for the great forbidden button give-away during the Labour Day Classic, coming to a section near you! Will it be the much talked-about Box J? Will it be within earshot of the dreaded toronto argonauts? Will it be in the north stands, site of the original great forbidden button giveaway? Soon, much will be revealed.

Sorry. Nah....
(But I appreciate your passion.)

Dare to dream Mark, dare to dream.


(if I didn't have to read about it so much, I probably wouldn't care either way)...but now, the whole subject is getting boring..(in my opinion)...others may feel different and that's cool too.


Exactly my sentiments too. I long to go back to being a doofus (my specialty), instead of an amateurish and ineffectual PR guy clogging up the threads. Any other year, I would be too busy hiring a plane or helping bake forbidden muffins to post here, but, as Gross said, that was then and this is now.

So that's the problem! Of course, it's right there in front of us. Chanting "Argos Suck" is directly tied to Tiger Cat success. Ever since the chant has been banned the team hasn't been successful.

Then I say, to heck with the Caretaker's wishes, let's all cheer Argos Suck on Monday and we'll be back to winning Grey Cups and conquering the world.

In fact, why not extend the forbidden chant to all other areas of strife. What about "Taliban Suck" and end the Afghan war? What about "Poverty Sucks" and raise the global standard of living? The possibilities are endless.

No worries Mr B, there's enough of us that know,understand and appreciate the Argos-S*ck lifestyle that if a couple of our more timid fans can't find it in their hearts to help the team out the other 29,000 should be able to pick up the slack.

One of my favorite Labour Day memories is hearing how Tillman (the then GM of TO) blew a gasket in the press box and demanded the announcer tell fans to stop chanting Argos S*ck.

It's more depressing than our standings to think there's some who would let a long standing tradition like to Cat/Argos rivalry fade away without a whimper.

Or maybe that should read with a whimper.



As a "diehard" heading into Labour Day how could you not have an opinion on this? How could you not care?

Pretty sure if the company line changed on the forbidden cheer there'd be a few "fans" that change along with it,

eh, mikey?

Argos Suck Forever.

Keep the faith Bunner and keep fighting the good fight! :thup: :slight_smile:

To clarify, I really don't care much for the chant itself when said in front of kids...but I do recognize it's a unique "Hamilton" thingy....I'm just getting bored with the discussion about it is all.....but, hey, discuss away as I can always just ignore it....right?

Will it (the chant) ever go away at Ivor Wynne?.....unlikely

by the way, the Argos do indeed "s.uck"....don't get me wrong... :lol:

Nice to see you weigh in on my post though Zontar... :wink:

You say you dont do the forbidden cheer in front of kids but use profanities in here.Nice.

not biting Zontar...you asked, I answered on the previous question...

...fishing season is closed till next spring... :smiley:

Merely an illustration of your inconsistincy. It is also a commentary on the credibility of your views on football matters which is virtually zero.

I get the feeling your opinion changes, depending on the person you're trying to impress at that particular time.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Well, this conversation shouldn't be revolving around me, but just for the record, I don't think that yelling "Argos S.uck" in front of kids at the stadium is productive.....but in front of buddies in a closed environment like a bar or at a card game ?....bring it on!....lol

I can "potty-mouth" like a drunken sailor when the situation warrants but there are times when it's prudent to just say "gosh, darn.....gee whiz!" :lol:

Argos s.uck is a profanity? :roll:

Mr. Young may have tried, foolishly, to civilize Ticat Nation with his gee shucks crusade against the words suck and sucks but, hey, he has given fans of incivility this OMD/Zontar harassing Mikey thing to fill that void in their lives.

:lol: ......too funny.....actually I quite enjoy it now as it sharpens up my "wit"......I don't even get mad anymore as you notice...it's great entertainment..I even have Woody "apprenticing" under me now.....Woody is ready to graduate to the next level soon.... :lol: :D

Or section8's need to ride to mikey's rescue. Or at least try to.