On good authority... Richie Williams released today

Apparently Richie Williams has been released by the TiCats.

Story may break tomorrow.

(I don't eavesdrop but sometimes it's impossible not to hear some things.)


Holy S@#$ if its true. :frowning:

If true......i hope the Ticat braintrust can live with themselves through the backlash if we are left in dire QB straits. Richie was more than a decent backup (also a quality dude) but for some reason not many people realize it yet. I reallllly hope he catches on somewhere and finishes what the Cats never let him do.

If it's True I wish him the Best

Typically, the most successful management teams, when it comes to sports, have no issue with making a decision that might upset the fans. The day you start listening to the fans on roster decision could be the beginning of your end.

Is Richie a decent backup? Yes. But clearly he isnt in their future as a prospect and the signing of Glenn provides stability veteran leadership for several years if need be.

if im not misstaken, Ritchie William was the last QB Ron Lancaster recruited ? imho too much was made of his side arm throwing styl,. hopefully they get a starting lineman in return!!!

Hey, you can't get too attached to these players. Obviously the Ticats staff feels that Williams can no longer contribute or at least contribute as much as the other QB's on the roster. It was expected to come, just a matter of when. Now 1 more QB is gunna go but who? Probably Meyer IMHO, they seemed attached to Porter Glenn Betts and Tafralis.

"Typically" yes you are right..... when is comes to "most successful management teams". But our braintrust has managed to go against the grain on that one. Obie's 3 wins last year has not given him outright approval in TigerLand. Glenn looked downright horrible in the games I watched last season..... no mobility and quite a few interceptions. Some have said he's fragile, used up, and done. Richie on the other hand....can scramble with the best and finds ways to complete passes with his "sidearm" throws. Besides this, Glenn is more than likely getting paid $70 or 80,000 more than Richie. We've already got DMac and Khari in the fold..... Like i said, I hope the braintrust can live with themselves if we are left in dire straits on the field once again. I do hope Richie gets a chance somewhere else to do what we didn't let him do here.

Richie Williams wasn't that good of a player to bring us up and redeem us "if" and this is a big IF our other QB's fail. He was 3rd string at the very best. Porter's awesome, Glenn's nothing more then a good backup now, Tafralis proved to be a good 3rd string and who knows about Betts or Meyer?

Are you serious? Do you really think that there is a GM in the CFL who would trade a starting lineman for the 3rd string QB on the league's weakest team last season?

If so, I have some Florida swampland you may be very interested in..........

The Boatmen have always liked Ritchie, I can't see them passing him up. Ritchie will surface in TO you can take that to the bank ..........If indeed Ritchie has been cut.

Last I checked Miami or something was interested in him and he was already looking around for other jobs because he knew this was coming. He's done nothing wrong, he's a great guy and a good football player but when it comes down to it, he doesn't fit our future QB style. No more of this scramble and attempt to find an open receiver, now it'll be pocket passing and well executed QB draws. Williams has quick legs but not a very good throwing arm, he's decent with power, bad with accuracy.

If he's cut, possibly.

But still no way Toronto would trade a starting lineman for him.

I’ve got this confirmed, though not from an official Ticat source. But solid enough that I’m writing it for tomorrow.

Thanks Drew, always quick to report, and very informing. Keep up the good work :smiley:

It has nothing to do with listening to fans or not, some of us are just hoping for the end of the end of the bottom of the standings. This management team and the two previous didn't listen to fans and so far all 3 have posted 3 win season or worse. Leave the fans out of this. Just win...

Hmmmm. Eric Tillman... all-star defensive end for a 3rd string QB on a team that missed the play-offs. Winnipeg.... traded a bushel of prospects for a 3rd string QB off the 4th place team in the West....
I guess anything is possible....
About that swampland....?

Hope Ritchie finds a home. Good kid. Deserves another chance. Perfect fit in Calgary....

Couldn't agree more, people would freak out if we kept him and ended up with a 3-15 season again, bet then it'd be "Williams is garbage! why did we ever toss that other guy to keep him! GTFO Hamilton Williams." This needed to be done and i wish him luck elsewhere.

Hey cool. Thanks for confirming and posting here, Drew.

While I agree that Richie is very likable and very funny, I can't see him being a major contributor to this team.

I don't think he's that good of a QB. Weak arm and relies on his legs too much at times when he should be looking to complete the pass. However, the team's pass protection and receiving corps have not been his best supporters either.

Geez Jim, do you ever get off the fence?