On field officials

It’s been a few years for you guys also. All the best for the season. You guys don’t get enough thanks for the job you do. Here’s one then. Thanks guys


Sucking up already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, you're right. Without the officials there's no game. I always respect the officials. So when Jonathan Rose shoves one deliberately, he needs to have the next game off, end of discussion.

Jonathan Rose is now a CFL hero: Elks present defensive back Jonathan Rose with inaugural Joey Moss Award

According to Edmonton’s team website, the Joey Moss Award is given to a player at the end of training camp “who’s persevered through adversity and embodies Joey’s positivity in everything he does.”

Well, he positively persevered right through the official to get another shot at the Ticat player on the sidelines back in 2018.


No sports league should ever allow any sort of abuse to their official. Right or wrong call by them does not matter. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Zero tolerance.

No other league does.

Even the NHL which has a history of not punishing star players gave Mogilny an automatic 10-games back in like 1991 for shoving an official.

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Should we be glad that Edmonton didn't name their team : Mooses , Deers , Fishes , Gooses , ... . :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch ( Elks ??? )

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Could be worse, could be YELOWGREENS...


LOL, this indeed had me laughing out loud

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