On-Field Cheer Record Attempt Info for Friday - Help

Did anybody hear back from the 'Cats? My daughter wants the 3 of us to do the cheer attempt but we haven't heard anything back (tho' I registered online) and it's pretty late since we leave home tomorrow morning at 10:30 am and won't be able to check any last second messages from the club.

If you got an email describing what we are supposed to do, would you either post the instructions here or pm me? Thanks.

Is nobody doing this? So much for a record.

where did you register online?
I didn't even see this...

I can't come to the game (though, knowing you're coming I'm a bit saddened, as I was hoping to see a TiCat fan in academic gown), but I did get an email that was sent out to STHs. There's a link to this page

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/world-record-night-at-ivor-wynne-stadium-this-friday]http://www.ticats.ca/article/world-reco ... his-friday[/url]

but I think you may have seen that already. There's a short paragraph in the email on the world record night, but it's just a repeat of what's in the link. Other than that, I know nothing. Perhaps you will be given more instructions at the game.

We got our 6 tickets and can't wait for tomorrows game. Its Hammer time, and that means pay back for the peg beating us in week one. 8)

So did they break any records? I haven't read anything about it since before the game. It's not even on the TiCats website. I'm guessing not?

I don't know about the cheer, but Six-Pack squatted 90,000+ lbs. in an hour and Furious Pete Hoovered a 72 oz. (4-1/2 lb.) steak in under 7 minutes.