On draft day, Kerry Watkins was almost a Ticat...

[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/sports/alouettes/story.html?id=d380b06e-ce5e-4425-8ae4-ee4688e8c22d]http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/n ... 4688e8c22d[/url]

I love the last line of the article. It's funny because wasn't there a "Als are doomed" thread just recently.

Apparently their own beat writer agrees with the sentiment!

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Really interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

Watkins would've been a huge addition to the Cats--a proven receiver still very much in his prime. It looks like Popp wants to move him so the Cats may still have a chance to get him if Obie can hold his nose and deal with his counterpart.

An Argo-Cat fan

since it appears montreal is going to sign charles rogers, he might be cut and we might be able to pick him up via free agency.

Too Bad we won't get a Chance to Sign Rogers
He would be a Difference making here..
Watkins if cut would be okay pick up.
I'd Rather Have Charles Rogers Due to His Larger Frame.
Look at Tall of the Tape
Charles Rogers:

Age 26 6'3 220 a Former 1st round Pick by the Lions.

Kerry Watkins:
Age 29 5'11 189
2003: Signed with the New England Patriots in May as a FA Then released in August.

• CFLPA All-Star: 2005
• East Division All-Star: 2005
• CFL All-Star: 2005
He has not been All Start Since.

Youth and Size goes to Rogers
Experience Goes to Watkins

I take Size and youth over Experience
Cause Once a Player gets use to league
There better then shorty Guy
Most of the DB's in this league are 5'8 to 5'11
The Don't Stand a Chance vs Rogers at 6'3

What would use want 5'11 or 6'3?
6'3 is More of a Target for Casey

In Popp's defense I wouldnt give up a good starting rec. straight up for a draft pick either I would want another player too.
Why make your immediate div. rival instantly improved?

But all the signs are there of the Als being in the upper tier of the league , for over a decade, is quickly coming to an end.

Too bad Popp wont let Marcel make the trades. :wink:

I think Onknight may have a crush on Charles Rogers...kinda like John Madden with Brett Favre.

Numerous drug violations and 4.8 40 yd. dash speed....sounds like a great receiver.

According to wikipedia....

During the 2005 season, Rogers was suspended 4 games for a third violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. As a result of this violation, the Lions filed a grievance, claiming that his drug suspension violated a clause in his contract, which would mean Rogers would be obligated to return $10 million of the $14.2 million the Lions gave him in bonuses. The grievance is still pending. The Detroit Free Press, would later reported that Rogers failed drug tests each year while at Michigan State.

Upon his return from suspension, despite the fact that Rogers was deemed healthy, he played only nine games, with three starts, and was declared inactive for four games. He caught 14 passes for 197 yards and a touchdown.

On September 2, 2006, Rogers was released by the Lions. According to Lion coach Rod Marinelli, "We picked the men that are right for this football team. It's behind us. I wish him the very best. We just move on." [1]

After his release, Rogers worked out for the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2006, all of whom passed. Reportedly, Rogers worked out for the Kansas City Chiefs in January of 2007 and flopped the workout by running a 40-time of 4.8, which was a steep decline from the 4.28 that he ran at the Indianapolis combines four years prior. According to reports, he is going to attempt to make it in the CFL this year. According to rumours, Charles Rogers had signed with the Montreal Alouettes.

I Agree Rogers is a Risk..
But If Rogers has Cleaned up his Act
As his Agent has said .
He Has.
His Upside is worth the Risk..

He Could be the next Alan Pitts.
IMO Worth The Risk of Bring him to Camp
If he is not any good you cut his A**
Very Little Risk.

The Upside is Huge a 6'3 WR who can Go get it
Something the Ti cats Have been Missing.
We have one guy who is 6'5 a Rookie
Who may be our go get it guy
I like more Tall Guys 6'2 to 6'7 In Camp.

Something tells me that he isn't worth it. If he can't make the Chiefs, Buccaneers, or the Miami Dolphins (all teams with less than average receivers) then something is wrong. Plus I wouldn't want a receiver who runs a 4.8 40 yd. dash on my team. If you were putting guys out there just for their size, why not put Cavka out there...I'm sure his 40 time isn't that much worse than a 4.8

Plus, how many chances are you going to give the guy? He's failed the NFL drug testing at least 3 times and it sounds like he was a repeat offender in college as well. Weren't you the one knocking the Argos for guys that they brought in with troubled pasts?

I am sure his 40 time will be better then a 4.8
The Al’s Have probably already time him
I know been Working with Coaches to Get his Speed back in Arizona…
As for Boston Past
Yes I Knocked Boston.

I think Rogers has more of a upside
IMO Worth The Risk
Rogers is Touch Taller and is Younger then Boston
Also Rogers Problem was Pot Not a DUI …

Both Player are Risks
I Agree with That Statement .
If both can Change there Life Styles
Then CFL will better for it .

I wish them Both Luck

No neeed to dispute this anymore. Obvoiusly we disagree. I think he's washed up, you think he he's the best thing since sliced bread.

onknight man u change your style every day. if the argos signed this guy you would be all over it saying how they alaways sign the bad guys and the cats should only sign players with class n all dat.

I can only go on the Public reputation of Mr Boston
I’ve Met Charles Rogers more then Once.
I know He wants to Redeem him Self
Not Knowing David Boston I can’t say the Same.

I agree Risk is Risk
I can understand Why the Ticats Did not sign any of these guys.

I'm not a fan of Watkins, lots of receivers have put up big numbers in that offence then went on to do nothing elsewhere. He's just not a dominating receiver and Obie would have had to have been out of his mind to make that deal.

The american receivers Popp and Marcel are able to find are all a dime a dozen.

The american receivers Popp and Marcel are able to find are all a dime a dozen.
if i remember quickly, it was at this same time LAST YEAR that marcel was picking up those "dime a dozen" receivers for us. :wink:

Might I ask how many of those "Dime A Dozen" receivers are left from last year?...0...lol

The only receiver left from around this time last year is JoJo Walker and he wasn't even a Marcel find, Coach Taaffe brought him to Marcel's attention.

The "dime-a-dozen" way of putting it might be putting it a bit too simple, but one thing you can't argue is the fact that WR's, RB's, and DE's are the three positions in the CFL that are easiest to find candidates for. Whether it is because a lot players slip through the cracks when they don't fit the physical mold of the NFL, or for some reason beyond that.

While Marcel wasn't very successful at finding impact receivers, just look at how many each team is bringing to training camp. There are a lot of them out there.

It's just a matter of who can adjust to the Canadian game the quickest.

  • paul

Nope. If released, he would have to clear league waivers – and the Cats have first priority there. If nobody claims him, then he would become a free agent.

I seriously doubt the Cats would let that opportunity slip.

Oski Wee Wee,

Cant hurt to bring the guy in for a look. If hes up for grabs. Hes going to have to make it through the boat load of guys here already.

In response to some of the posters regarding Rogers 4.8 fourty time not being good enough for the CFL. Ben Cahoon could be even slower and every team in the league would take him in a heartbeat.

I'm skeptical that a guy with a 7 figure bank account will do what it takes to be succesful for 65k a year. Maybe his motivation is to get back to the NFL but considering he owes the Lions 10.4 million plus interests does he really want to go back...

It costs nothing to give him a shot.