On Boreham, Reed, Marshall and Professionalism

Apart from success the traits of a professionally-run team is how it adresses mistakes and weaknesses. Things are pin-pointed, changes made and remedies are tried.
It is un-professional to keep Boreham on the team and Marshall and Reed kept at their posts when it has become clear they do not lead, they are not respected and tactics are highly suspect.
The moves made and results over the next two weeks will decide if the 2006 model of the Hamilton Tiger Cats are a truly professional operation.

Replacing anyone in the second week is not only unprofessional but also rediculous!!

When would be the right time then?

Its not the second week for any of these individuals. They are into their third season.

lets wait til the cats are 0-6 and the seasons lost b4 making changes. :?

I'll give you that one Zontar. I just think that things are gonna change without heads rolling.

Heads must roll, examples made.
Firing cheeleaders, 8 minute waits instead of ten in the concession lines and banning cheers wont gloss over anything.

A bad and underachieving team will make people stay away.

How do you know all this? Can you back up your statement with actual facts? What are your coaching credentials?


While it was by no means a good performance, it really wasn't that horrible either.

Basically, Maas was off leading to the D being on the field too long. That, and very poor FG kicking is what lead to this loss.

Everyone calm down. It is still very early for a new offensive caoch, new offensive system and new offensive players.

The D is not as bad as some are screaming.

Fact: Nameplate on his office door reads "Head Coach" . Unfair or not responsibility begins and ends with him.
Fact: Marshall has won 14 games out of 38.
Fact: Inability to make half-time adjustments. so obvious even the half-time panel pointed it out TWICE.
Fact: Week in week out Marshall says "we have to stop getting the bad penalties, mental errors etc. etc. " Ony to have the players that are supposed to listen and respect him go out and commit the same mistakes week in week out (they didnt wait too long last night with penalties on first drive)
Fact: Teams take on the character and attitude, image set by the coach (s). Coaches must lead, inspire and set examples.
The only identity or image I can come up with is "underachievers"

You dont need coaching credentials to see something is really amiss here. Not credentials just a healthy dose of realism.

( you could get into the facts of Reeds def. stats over the last two years but Captain Kirk was right the D wasnt all that bad so Kavis gets a free pass for now)

Zontar: who would you replace Marshall with?

I would make Paopao interim head coach. See if players respond, if not find a new head coach for 07 with CFL coaching experience, probably someone who is currently an asst.

So you would have the coach of the ineffective offense coach for the remainder of the season? Good call, bub.

Questions on Marshall

  1. Why is Boreham still here
  2. Why is Auggie still starting
  3. Why no upgrade to the DBs
  4. Why are the half time adjustments not effective (for 2 years)
  5. Why couldn’t he will the big game in University. He had two Hec C award winners and one of them will probably make the NFL this year. No defences with MAC or the Cats

Greg Marshall has had two years to long and it's time to say so long. Yes he won coach of the year in 2004 but who cares it's an individual honour not a team honour and he won it without a Grey Cup victory only making it into the first round of the playoffs and being destroyed by the Argo's not much to be proud of, okay it's a lot better than 2003 when the team only managed one victory but than again anything is better. The Ti-Cats need a motivator as a coach, a coach with a track record of success and certainly more wins than losses on his coaching record. The three year trial period for Marshall in Hamilton has produced more losses than wins and his time is running out and fans will soon lose interest if the team does not rebound and win soon, yes it's only week three coming up in the CFL but time is not on our side at present.

The next 2 games are critical for Marshall and company. Bob Young can't wait for Cats to go 0 and 8 like last seson... If we are 2 and 2 after the Als game, we'll be singing the praises of Marshall and company...If not, then the assistant head coach Pao Pao takes over.
Keep the faith

This part is important to reiterate. The tide turns quickly, the weather changes even quicker.

If we fire the coach after two games all that says is that upper management did not do a good job because they should have had someone in place to start the season. Do we fire the coach and declare the season lost? With all the new players and coaches we have now, a new coach would not be able to even get a read on the team until half way through the season. And then where would he get players from and how would they mould into a team? Fire the coach? Not a chance.

So you want to replace an incompetent coach with an incompetent coach? Rediculous. I say we ride out the season, and if at the end the Cat fans aren't happy, we clean house. Fire all the coaches, and hire an entirely new coaching staff (or perhaps bring back sudsy as one of the assistants).

PaoPao is not the answer.

For a start I wrote Paopao would be the INTERIM coach until a new one could be found.
For the sake of argument why not keep Paopao as head coach?. Even with a losing record appearently all you need to keep your job is to say the same thing every week regardless of any player actually listening to you and have "patience"...... With Paopao's losing record as a head coach he'd be the perfect choice.

Maybe, maybe not. But PaoPao's the logical move right now. Not because of the last two games, but because of the last two years, and counting.