On blackouts and upper bowl seating

After talking to one of the sales guy, I've come to understand the situation a lot better.

The Lions do not own the stadium, instead they rent it from BC Place. In order to open the upper bowl and still make money, they must sell at least 5000 tickets in the upper bowl. This is because they have to rent the space from BC Place. They cannot open the upper bowl for sale less than a week before the game because of the time it takes to clean up the concession stands, supply them, and hire people to man them. Also, due to expectations and other office politics, once the upper bowl has been opened to sell for one game, it will be open for the rest of the season. I believe this is becuase of the excess supplies and people available for the concession stands up there. With the pressure to fill the lower bowl and then sell 5000 in the upper bowl for, not only one popular game, but all games after that, it is not hard to see why Lions are reluctant to open the upper bowl without having a good demand first. The guy I was talking to said that, based on the attendence of the last game, the upper bowl might be open against Edmonton..but the problem is that the Hamilton game is after that and might not sell well, so they will need an even higher demand than normal first.

Now for blackouts and lack of TV coverage. The Lions have absolutely no control over any of it. It is not as if they wish to be the Vancouver Lions. In fact, compared to the Canucks before TSN signed a deal with them, the Lions show more games. I suggest we all write letters to CFL and TSN and demand that every Lions game is broadcast (especially over spelling bees and speed tree climbing)

The Lions do have SOME controll over the blackouts... as required by the league... each TEAM must lift at least one or two... (can't remember if they upped it from one) blackout a season.. as per the leagues contract with the tv stations... any other lifted blackouts due to sell outs can be requested by the team... but it is up to the TV station to make the final decision.... but as for the Tor. BC that wasn't on TV... that was strictly TSN's decision not to carry that game anywhere in the country.

actually i am quite certain that cbc and tsn have a no competition agreement so that they can't be showing games at the same time. wpg edm was a better draw for audiences and so they chose to play that one. i wouldn't say anyone dropped the ball except maybe the cfl for being okay with some games not being covered.

bigger draw is an Edm. game against the Bombers???.. over a rematch of the Grey Cup teams???.. BS… the bigger draw would have been the Tor. BC game by far…

game time was too late out in ontario so you lose a lot of those potential viewers. that is why edm wpg draw is better. not claiming it would be the better football.

by only 1 hour.... thats not THAT big of a difference

2 of the 3 largest populated cities, and therefore markets, playing a rematch of last year's championship would have garnered much more attention. The populations of Toronto + Vancouver is approx. 7.3 million people, while the entire population of Edmonton + Winnipeg is 1.7 million.

If 5% of the populations in TO/Van would watch, that's 365,000 viewers in the cities alone, Edm+Win would need 20% of the population (or 4x as many fans per capita) to watch to match the numbers.

Bobby Ackles has made this clear on the blackout situation. Yes, his marketing guys think that showing home games on tv is good for future business. No, he won't allow it unless he is sold out as he says it costs them between two to four thousand tickets sold at the gate if a black out is lifted.

Ackles says: This is a ticket driven league and not one that makes the revenues from television.

Vancouver is also a big walk up market/city for football. Lots of last minute decisions and buyers.

Translation: buy the lower bowl out a week ahead and maybe we might get a black out lifted.

Part of this season's problem is that the 711 deal is lower profile than the larger signs in the Safeway windows from before. Only by accident did I see the 711 sign on the way to a game.

there are also cheap tickets at some sportcheck locations too... didn't know that til i wandered into one and saw a sign.

I wonder what would happen to the CFL if each stadium was full every night.

As far as blackouts go, all i know is people that absolutly can't make it to the games can't watch or really get into the team like they can the Canucks. BLACKOUTS DO NOT WORK!!!! Kids don't get the exposure to the game they should get.

Yea i knew BC Lions didn't own the stadium for quite sometime. So do the Lions go to owning there own stadium, or can we live with Bc place? Chances are we get a new stadium and we'll never have upper bowl talk again, we'd probably get a 30,000 seat empire stadium to share but i'd much rather have a 60,000 seat stadium, plus i think there is something special about bc place that we all just don't know yet.