? on a rule in the GC

OK I have a question, and if it was what I think it was, I'm not going to suggest that it be changed cuz it's a good rule.

On 3nd down on the last play in the 2005 GC, AC went for a run and in a desperate attempt, he kicked the ball. Flags went up after the play.

Here is my question, was the penalty on:

  1. AC becase he kicked the ball past the line of scrummage? which is what I think happen and is a good rule


  1. was it no yards cuz Edmonton got the ball?

or was it on something different?

I been trying to remember that moment all day and I think it was about number 1, but on really not sure.

can you guys help me here?

If I recall correctly, I think it was a no-yards call.....could be wrong.....

no yards
you can anywhere anytime

no offense, but that's a stupid call to make since it's pretty clear that the guy that gets the ball in that situation is gonna be surrounded by opponents, but whatever, it's only 5 yards, seen a lot badder calls like the one that happened to Calgary last season.

I was also curious becase I wondered if that call would work in Montreal's favor, but looking at it again and again, it's pretty clear that the call wasn't gonna save Montreal.

The thing is that the refs had to make that call.
What if the punt returner fumbled the ball and Mtl pick edit up and ran it in for a TD.
The penality would negate that TD

I see.

another quick question, quick kicks/punts can be kicked from anywhere on the field?

I know that the intended O receiver must be behind the kicker when the ball is kicked. are their any other limitations?

anywhere anytime

The punter or any player behind the punter is eligible to recover the punt and is not subject to the 5 yard restraining limit

and players that aren't behind the kicker/punter when he kicks the ball aren't eligible to recover the ball and if they do, they get penalized 5 yards?


a message for French Al fans, I heard this song called Desenchantee by Kate Ryan and I thought that these lyrics for that song say it all.

Nager dans les eaux troubles
Des lendemains
Attendre ici la fin
Flotter dans l'air trop lourd
Du presque rien
A qui tendre la main
Si je dois tomber de haut
Que ma chute soit lente

a fitting tribute for the 2005 season.

Al's in 06!


that was payback for those fools how typed English and Chinese in the LCF forum.

yep that would be no yards. If the Edmonton player would have caught it before it bounced it would have been a fifteen yard penalty.

I can't say I'm in favor of the bolden pair above, but it's fair in that the defence gets the possibility of getting panelized 15 yards

whatever, it works, nothing to chage here. NEXT!!!

I don’t know what the penalty is, but think rugby rules here Kanga…except for one change.

Rugby Union: Offsides players on the kicking team must retreat 10 meters from the line of the ball (used to be a 10m radius) until they are brought onsides or the other team carries the ball 5 meters.

CFLGridiron: Offsides players must be 5 yards away (radius) from the ball when it is recieved, and cannot affect play until the reciever takes it.

Am I right here?