On a positive note...

On Wednesday Masoli had a bad night with 4 turnovers and special teams coughed one up for the first time in ages. These guys know how good they are with Zach and I think they are going to get on a roll in the second half of the season.

At this point:

  • We're 500 with Collaros back (hopefully) next week. I think the consensus among fans at the start of the season was 500 before Labour Day was all we could hope for.

  • We have a 2 and 0 record in the East.

  • We haven't had any(?) major injuries (other than Sears and Filer).

  • Our offense is second to none with a good (or hot) quaterback at the helm (witness Masoli's performance in the second half against Edmonton) and should be great when Zach returns.

  • Despite running backwards on half of his returns Banks is averaging 25 yards a return.

  • We have discovered something of a running game with Gable (and he's done a great job blocking).

  • Fantuz looks to be in the best form of his Hamilton career.

Anyone else care to add anything?

Defense hasn't completely collapsed despite losing both projected starting cornerbacks.

Speaking of which, I wonder when Demond Washington is going to be back. He’ll be an upgrade over our rookie corners.

Really good kicker.

Unfair on two counts:

  1. That's his kickoff return average - he generally runs forward on those. It's punt returns where he can be directionally challenged.

  2. That said, I don't agree that he runs backwards on half his punt returns. A lot of times he runs sideways.

This team has lots of depth and individual talent that I think scares the other teams. If they can iron out some schemes and improve their tackling they could be deadly.

Haven't checked the stats, but in watching the game well over half of our punt returns seemed to result in penalties. There was what, maybe 7-8 punt returns, and probably 5-6 were penalized.

Speedy is superb at the quick reverses of direction, but his blockers, not so much. As a result, we draw illegal blocks or holding calls.

I don't see how that is productive. When he runs one back, that is great, but even then, what is the percentage of those nulified? The first thing we all do after a big return, is check the field for flags.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big Speedy fan, but we have to cut down the call backs due to penalty.