On a positive note.

On a positive note I really don't think this team is as bad as it has performed and firmly believe the problem was Taaffe. I love what Bellifuille had to say about being more aggressive and taking a win at all cost attitude. Taaffes conservative nature and low key approach to coaching simply does not work with a young team. I love the move promoting from within and having Danny Mac run the offense. I expect this team to throw caution to the wind and play wide open football that includes gambles, fake punts , long bombs and a blitz crazy defense. We definitely can not be any worse off today than we where under Taafe. Don't stop believing!

Erm...yeah... :roll: :lol:

Nick Setta said on OTR today, "Charlie improved as a coach since last year, he got a lot better with us"....A lot better with us? This was said on today's OTR just incase it was missed, after Taffe was fired...without saying anything further, I think Setta said alot with that comment...