on a brighter note... how 'bout McDuffie

In spite of the doom and gloom-(lets wait till the season ends before we hang the coach eh?- after all the three best teams in the league and we were close in every gam---notwithstanding the line about horseshoes and hand grenades) lets at least be thankful we have a return specialist... fingers crossed..

any thoughts on the news speedster in town.. guys?

definitely like what I seen. hopefully he gets some more time to play at wr. we could use that kind of speed at that position.

Just fantastic...!!!

He seems to understand the concept of "get and go...NOW!" very well. It is essential for a good returner to have that first step explosion and decisiveness in order to have the momentum to make the first guy miss. Earl Winfield and Garney Henley were the two best I've ever seen do it in a Ticat uniform. I think McDuffie could be special if this first game is any indication.

Oski Wee Wee,


He plays full speed and hard. If he can bring this effort to every game this dude will be a beast!!

McDuffie is definitely a keeper. He has some brilliant moves combined with speed. I feel more confident in his ability to
catch and hold on to the football. We should try him at wide receiver. :thup:

I agree with all the comments posted so far in this thread. The #1 simple game plan of a successful offence is to get the ball into the hands of the play-makers. The Cats just aren't doing it or, at least, aren't doing it anywhere near enough. And now,they've debuted McD who could quickly become one our top three PMs.