O'my, O'missy, O'Mahony, O'McCallum, Oh No!

ah-oh, o'missy, for o'missy. Oh No! Oh joy, oh horsebleep, ah-oh- no more horse-manure for o'missy. ah-oh!

sung to the tune of Day-oh(Harry Belafonte- Jamaca song)

I say Paul-Oh,
Miss my momma
and I want to go home,
I say Paul-O,
miss my kick
and i want to go home

one, miss , two miss
three - e shanks,
miss my momma
and I want to go home

four miss, five miss, six miss yikes,
miss my momma
and I wanna go home

Paul-o I say Paul-o
miss my convert and
I wanna go home,
Back to Surrey
No Poop in the Dome!

Can anyone tell me why Turkey doesn’t do the half time show at Grey Cup? :wink:

Glad to see you’ve kept your creative juices flowing in the WInter Turkey!