Omiss is still with us, right?

their is a thread on the Riders forum saying weather they should sign him.

I really hope the Bombers don't let him go, we need a punter, or somebody to fill the job until Ryan comes back, if he comes back.

im almost 100% sure that we dont have him anymore...taman doesnt think its a very good idea to have a guy on the team that might go missing during the season or something like that.....if you didnt know we did sign 2 kickers (1 punter and 1 placekicker) to battle it out with troy...and he obviously doesnt like it

i think one of the new punters looks pretty good too

I see

well, that's means that Omiss just though his football career in the trash.

If the Riders sign him, good like to them.

who will be the new punter out of these two guys?

It's to bad he's an import yogi, going to be tough for an import to knock off Longhair...I hope Troy is working on three pointers over thirty yards, what happened last year, can not be repeated....

who will be the new punter out of these two guys?
The new punter is Brian Claybourn..and i dont even no how to spell the other guys name

yah itll be hard for an american kicker to make the team…so i guess well just have to put up with a bunch of 30 yard pooch kicks the whole year :roll:

with the roster being expanded to 42-players this year(20 NI, 19 I, 3QB) i think we've got the room to add 1 of them

Westwood just ignores them on the field, Tamen was joking around with him about it saying things like "those new guys are watching you"

....I believe Winnipeg would still hold the rights to Duncan but would have suspended his status because of his personal other team could sign him unless the BBs offered him up for waivers....

....correct RedW....but i don't see ANYONE beating down his door to sign O' Missing in his current frame of mind...Riders are following Jon Ryan pretty close as he is not a lock in Green Bay...if he is cut...they'll probably try to sign him....if they have any cash left for the home-town lol.. :roll: