O'miss gone


I bit sad really, I know we can have players just dropping off the face of the Earth we they feel like it, but I feel that he could have been a great punter for the Bombers.

Did he ever show up????? :?

Yeah I didnt even realize he was still on the roster.

…gotta chuckle out of the the penguins …pokey…should have a caption on it stating …’ a Bomber fan showing rawrickygonzo,some smash-mouth’…lol lol …good one :lol: :lol:


Hehe :slight_smile: Penguins rock!

Kickers in the CFL are kinda like Lefty relievers in the MLB, Theres always a spot for them on some team.

dont look now

but bombers second import punter may soon be right behind him

his net average is subterranean (below 30 yards a punt)

cant win big with this over long season - try another one!!!

Maybe Westwood will have a great or at least good game punting and the whole punter issue will be gone until Ryan is cut in training camp....I can hope can't I? :wink: