I am soooo disappointed in the play of the Lions. This is embarrassing. I am not even sure I want to watch another game this season. All I want to do is smash my television.

How come our secondary cant tackle anyone. They just hang off the guy and get dragged around. The O line is terrible to say the least. The D line doesnt know what to do, they are not even rushing anymore..........uhhggg.

This makes me sick......sorry to vent but this is the worst year I have seen in a long long time.....

its hard to believe that they could get so little out of one hell of a spirited battle. They did all the work in the first quarter expended big energy - played great - got 2 field goals from the 10 yard line - stopped the Riders all over the place - threw an interception for a td and its 7-6 without Sask doing a damn thing.
I can't remember a team playing so hard every night and getting nothing to show.
Don't worry - we'll make the playoffs and somebody is going to have to pay.

Time to bring out the brown paper bags! Completely embarrassing!

Not since Murray Pezim killed the team going 3-15 in 1992 have I seen such a confused team do a better job at beating themsleves than the other teams. They aren't going anywhere with the O line that won't give the QB time to even get to his 3rd step before having someone in his face.
The CB's and DB's are constantly blowing coverage and at the end of each play look like idiots looking at each other dazed and confused.
Unless they do some player/coaching changes - they will end up 2-16 (with their only win against TO in the next 3 games. Bottom line is they only have 2 wins in their last 12 games.
Thanks to Robertson (6 of the 11 Lions T/D's) and McCallum's field goals in the only win, we would still be looking at a Big "0" in the win column.
Too bad... All of the excitement and passion of being at old Empire Stadium is going to quickly disappear.
I sure miss having Dave Ritchie coaching the "D".

The offense is ran like a high school team.
They couldn't tackle on defense.
The Offensive line blows severely.

The only good thing is Edmonton has just as tough of a schedule as us.
Aslong as atleast one of Hamilton or Winnipeg remain mediocre, we have a shot for the crossover.

At the moment, it'd be an East team crossing over.

I hate to say this, but the Lions were just outclassed. Sask is one of the top teams in the league, they run smoothly in all three phases of the game, they have a team identity, and their starting QB is going to be one of the elites in the CFL for years to come. And they were playing at home. Not a game you should have expected to win.

I don't think the season is lost for the Lions, because Edmonton is in the same boat and two teams in the east only have one more win than BC does. But the offense does need to get its act together if you guys want a playoff spot, crossover or not.

We're all so used to seeing BC as an upper-echelon team, but this year, I don't think that's true. They're rebuilding.

its probably true for all the teams and I'm just not as familiar with their players but it is a little wierd to see so many old Lions still sticking it to us after we discarded them sometimes 5-6 years ago. Hello Baron Simpson et al

Rebuilding?? They're not rebuilding, they're undergoing a demolition! Oh, how the mighty have fallen! My ONLY reason for sucking it up to redeem my 3 remaining home game tickets is to make it a fun event for my son - Playland & hotdogs - period! What other incentive is left? The club has missed the mark this season, and that is not good timing. This should be a great comeback season in preparation of returning to a full house at BC Place. There are no acceptable excuses. This is a result of poor scouting, management, coaching, and a poor product on the field. Shame on you guys! You have squandered our investment. Give us something worthy of our support! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

Pasta - football isn't about just about winning. Its a shared tribe thing and we don't surrender because of a bad season or two. (else there wouldn't be a Stampeder football team) stay with us - we need you now more than ever. and take the opportunity to teach your kid there is more to life than getting to the top - enjoy the journey on the way.- wait your turn and . . . Party on Dude!