OMG.... much longer until CBC isn't covering games anymore? If I have to keep listening to these two hacks I'm gonna jam a meat thermometer in my ears....

Only a few more weeks

I found myself correcting them too!:wink:

now there's a visual that made me chuckle. Don't hurt yourself though, jam it in someone else's ear. :smiley:

CBC is garbage. They have no commentary on the Calgary game, Armitige thought Hamilton territory was Montreal territory, cameras miss the play more often than TSN...

Someone on the CFL board made a comment about FNF's music being embarrassing should listen to the cheap, unoriginal CFL on CBC halftime montage for the game...

"Uh... UH... Are you ready... Canadian football.. UH... UH... Are you ready?"

NOW this is an embarrassment that does nothing but fuel inferiority complexes of Canadians in Ontario about the CFL. Its trying to be a NFL-esque hype segment and fails miserably. At least TSN secures real artists and labels to throw together their montages...

Also, I think CBC employs a lark, chicken or pigeon to edit the "Mic'd Up" segment. Its usually 5 seconds of inaudible bantering. At least TSN's equivalent tries to add something to the viewers understanding of whats happening on the field.

CBC is garbage in football coverage.

I'm so happy they are guaranteed not to touch it for 5 years.

I, uh, too was um, uh underwhelmed by the uh, uh, performance of uh Khari Jones and uh, also that woman on the um, sidelines during the uh, uh game.

Brutal performance - very hard to listen to that crew.

Is that another way to say "Totally Toronto"?

Why do you folks chose to be masochists? :?

LISTEN to the game on CHML radio. :smiley:

You have to watch CFL games
that are televised by the CBC :cry:

to the CBC TV audio broadcast. :roll:

Yeah, I'm getting sick of Khari as well.

Uh, did Brenda get married to a CFL player during the pre-game interview with whazzhizface from Montreal? I always thought her last name was Irving.