did kwame (im a cheap ass) cavil jsut poke o'shea in the eye, what a pu$$y

That's what happens when you're down by 10 at the half, you take lame shots at the opposing team.

And take dives..

LOL...Jock Climie's calling the whole eye poke incident "WWE". Oh yeah, I can see Don Matthews giving Pinball a chair shot to complete the heel turn... NOT!

poor sportmanship by both sides…but come on? poking in the eyes???

To be honest I think he poked him in the side of the helmet but we will never know.

Don’t forget O’Shea giving his knee an extra twist on the ground on the out of bounds tackle.

I loved the Acadamy Award Winning dive taken by number 2 right after

i love the academy award winning losss by the loser als ,

the three players who were involved should be embarrased, but...hey, that stuff happens, even the best players do it every once in a while

lol, O'Shea and who ever the Als receiver was should be embarrassed. but hell that michael fletcher thing was hilarious. i love how u just falls like that. god thats classic.


Cavil's an Idiot, I remember last year when the Als had Riders on the ropes in Taylor field, after he scored a touchdown, the camera was on him on the sidelines and he says "Thankyou Canada" team mate whispers to him.. psst!!! Kwame we are in Saskatchewan. What an idiot. well you all know the outcome of that game... LMAO, joke was on him.
Montreal looks in total disaray, there blitz schemes were exposed last year and they keep doing the same thing.
Blame the Don... they had the personel to carry his arrogance in previous years but not this year.
I feel sorry for Cavillo he is such a classy player.

Good comeback RnR
And it only took 3hrs to come up with it

And for the ARGOS 2 win by 12 Montreal. :smiley:

What does that have to do with my point

What point? , you were making a comment about some one elses' joke , and I made a comment about your comment. :wink:

O.K. I'll give you that one.

thank you , I guess? :lol:

Montreal is too good a team to not come back. Having said that....if AC goes down with an injury heaven forbid, it could get ugly.