OMG - TiCats who could be Free Agents in Feb.


I think the big time to panic, if any, is whether the guys football ops target in the renegotiation-exclusivity window don't re-sign. A Grey Cup appearance -- particularly a win -- may be the tipping point for a player to stay with the Cats all things being equal. Breaux is the guy of the entire bunch I'd hate to see leave the most.

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Thank you. Every team in the league will have a long list of good players on their pending free-agent list at this point in the year.

A Gazette article, to which I'm having difficulty, posting a link, lists 17 Allwets who could be F.A.'s in February. And, their list has a lot more big name players than ours:

Pascal Baillargeon, Nicolas Boulay, Jerald Brown, Bo Bowling, Duron Carter, Chip Cox, Eric DesLaurier, S.J. Green, Michael Klassen, Jamahl Knowles, Aaron Lavarias, Scott Paxon, Bryn Roy, Tyrell Sutton, Winston Venable, Bear Woods, Jerod Zaleski

This would be the article

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[b]The Als have 17 free agents, has learned through a Canadian Football League source, that must or could be re-signed before becoming eligible to test the market next February.

And there’s some heavy hitters on the list, including middle-linebacker Bear Woods, the East Division nominee as outstanding defensive player. He’s joined by fellow linebacker Chip Cox, who was named the top defensive player in 2013.

Negotiations between Cox and Popp have started, reported a week ago.

Others include running-back Tyrell Sutton, who did a good job replacing the injured Brandon Whitaker this season, along with receivers Duron Carter and S.J. Green. Carter, of course, is expected to test the waters down south, in the NFL. It would be surprising if he returns to Montreal.

Defensive-back Jerald Brown and defensive-tackle Scott Paxson are on the list as well, along with rush-end Aaron Lavarias and linebacker Winston Venable. Non-import receiver Eric Deslauriers will be seeking a new contract as well.

Popp has long maintained re-signing starters is his priority. He said getting Woods under contract is one of his immediate mandates.

Completing the list in no particular order: Jamahl Knowles, Michael Klassen, Bryn Roy, Jerod Zaleski, Nicolas Boulay, Pascal Baillargeon and Bo Bowling.[/b]

The single biggest potential loss for the Ticats is Coach Steinauer getting a head coaching offer. That's been the pattern in the league in recent years - our defensive coordinators getting to become head coaches elsewhere - and that's when we had mediocre defences. Now we actually have a strong one for a change.

I find this list very depressing.

But what team will be looking for one? It is entirely possible there are no head coaching changes this offseason. The three non-playoff teams - Winnipeg with O'Shea, Toronto with Milanovich and Ottawa with Campbell - don't seem to be making any changes. The four division finalists - Calgary with Hufnagel, Edmonton with Jones, Montreal with Higgins and Hamilton with Austin - are not going to change their head coaches. Chamblin is coming off a Grey Cup win last season, so he's not going anywhere. That leaves BC, who might replace Benevides, but the problem there is offense, not defense, so I think if they do make a change they will look towards an offensive guy (maybe a guy like Trestman, should he be fired by the Bears). As much as I think Coach O has the makings of a very good head coach, I don't think we have to worry about losing him after this season. I know anything can happen, but it seems unlikely.

If anyone is interested, Gary Lawless has a list of free agents from every team in the league:

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:thup: Yep :thup: And they, BC, are really high on their current DC Mark Washington. Agree that Wally will go after an offensive minded HC if he makes any change at all. I don't think it's out of the realm that he returns to the sidelines himself?!?!

Gotta believe LaPolice has to be making a return somewhere at some point?

Looking at the list,it looks like every team save BC is in the same boat when it comes to pending FA's. I'm sure that we will lose a few,but I'm not worried as Austin will without a doubt resign the key ones and reload with other teams free agents much like he did this year (Brandon Stewart,Zach Collaros,Craig Butler,Ted Laurent,Cary Koch)The team now has a solid core to build around and like I said we will lose a few,we can't or won't necessarily want to sign all 15 FA. I think we will be fine next season and I'm not that concerned about it at this point. I'll worry more about it when this season is officially over after we play our final two games of the season :slight_smile: