OMG, they snubbed Caretaker!

I agree--but I still think it would be funny to chant cy-na-bun.

That could be funny. And as for that other, more traditional chant idea, we could make an adjustment to it. How about for this year, replacing the second word of it with the word "inhale"? :slight_smile: But those were sonme nice additions to the forbidden website, though.

  1. Good on Bob for showing restraint
  2. Ricky isn't going to sell the joint out. Those who idolize the NFL are intrigued because he's NFL but they will continue to save their pennies for trips to Rich Stadium to watch NFL, or stay cemented to their couches, watching NFL, and good riddance to them, because they're missing out on something historic and exciting and unique and ours and wonderful, which is Canadian Football.
  3. I was at the Argos box office today picking up tickets for Friday and there certainly wasn't a stampede underway.
  4. The inevitable "football is football" quote is uttered annually at this time of year by American players and coaches who assume the transition is easy, usually before they discover that Canadian football really is different. As in, "Football is football," Forest Gregg/Vince Ferragamo/Lawrence Phillips/Quincy Carter etc said.
  5. Having never played, I can't presume to speak for players. But I'll bet they'll agree with me that we don't need Ricky's proclamations to legitimize our league by declaring our players are actually very good; we know they are, and it really doesn't matter that ESPN will never get that.
  6. The circus has come to CFL Town before, and while it occasionally sells some tickets in the short-term, the blip is usually just that, a blip.
  7. What does endure is the beauty and excitement of the Canadian game, the courage of the men who play it, more out of passion than greed (given the salaries), the determination of the folks like Bob who sustain it (despite the frustrations they endure, including those caused by their "partners" from other teams), and the deep rooted devotion of the real fans who love the game, and pass that love on to their kids, something that happens in Hamilton and Regina and Winnipeg and, yep, even Toronto.
    These things, Cats' fans, will outlive this week's hype, and Ricky too.
    Go Cats.

catsfansince67....GREAT POST.... Great emotional view of our game.
It will always be the greatest, and if ESPN doesn't agree, who cares!
WE decide what we like. not outsiders.

Worth repeating.

So the blue team is going to get rid of Avery who could be a starter for them for another 2-3 years because they have Williams who is guaranteed not to be there next year.

Good planning for the future.

That's another reason I'm glad the TiCats didn't get involved in this mess. Why compromise your program for a quick thrill?

I just think it's funny that "Avery" and "starter" appear in the same sentence after the last couple of seasons...

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Weve got our own superstar and its Caretaker Bob :thup: and thats all she wrote. You come along side Bob, you come along side us.

OMG that was hilarious. His statement was just an attempt to shift the focus from the questions about their payroll. Sad attempt.

This is True and after Rick Runs back to Phins and the No Fun League

Who Still have our CareTaker...

3 Cheers For Billonaire Bob :rockin: :thup:

Actually, the Argos had better hope the circus doesn't come to town - we all know what happens when someone else calls up at the last minute and wants to use the Roger's center when the Argos have a game scheduled. :stuck_out_tongue:

The article mentioned the precedent set by Miami releasing a player under contract to play under contract with another team.. This could open the door to more star nfl players coming to Cfl,Eli Manning could laern alot in the cfl, or Pyton as well. :wink:

which would turn the CFL into a farm league used for conditioning stints and getting rookies game ready.... NO THANKS.

(besides i think the opposite of our young stars jumping shipp before they should be allowed to would be the more obvious fear here)