OMG, they snubbed Caretaker!

Unless I’m missing something (e.g. emoticons?), I would have to read this as a “diss” from the Argos owner to our own … er, caretaker.

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Bob was quite restrained in his reaction to what was undoubtedly a persistent effort by the reporter to get a juicy quote on the Ricky Williams issue, and in particular its salary cap implications.

"The problem is, I'm sort of torn," Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young said. "On the one hand, I'd love to sort of get into this. On the other, the Argos are my partners in this venture and if they believe Ricky Williams is going to help their franchise attract fans to the gate and make them a more stable organization, good for them."

The CFL announced plans for a new salary management system over the winter, with one key point being that all teams adhere to a limit of $3.8-million this season.

Young, who made his millions in computers, said the salary cap is: “An issue we debate heatedly, obviously, among those at the board table. And I’m not going to make that a public debate … but you’re welcome to ask the Argos how they propose to do that.”

Less restrained in his response was a certain Mr. Cynamon.
"We have room under our cap," Argos co-owner David Cynamon shot back following the media conference. "This is an unbelievably reasonable salary to CFL standards. He's not even the highest-paid player on the team. So we have our room, we're well in position -- and I think computer salesmen should worry about their own teams."
Are we gonna stand for this people? Let the games begin!

Sounds like some manufactured emotion to spice up the rivalry before the season starts and why not? ,its fun and it sells tickets.

Argonauts always think they have the Grey Cup won in May.

This season is no different.

Popcorn...the hottest commodity at Rogers Centre this year.

What's wrong with being a computer salesman?

Where did Mr. Cynamon make his money?

Argos are notorious for making their own set of rules. This signing is nothing new.

its all fun...i dunno if u guys are aware...its being reported argo tickets are flying out the window...AMERICANS are buying season tickets.

argo jerseys are outta stock. on backorder. and, again, AMERICANS are buying....apparently more than 1 US tv network is knockin at the CFL's door wanting the US rights.

this is good for the argos AND the entire CFL.

when u guys come to rogers centre june 17th, there will be a sold-out crowd no doubt in my mind!...this is an exciting, fun time for all CFL fans.

heres ricky heaping some praise on CFL players:

"As far as talent . . . the talent here is comparable to the NFL. From what I saw out there, these guys can run, these guys can hit, these guys know what they're doing. Football is football. There are a couple of differences in the game but for the most part it's just terminology."

dont u think this 'ups' the CFL image, when the NFLs biggest star says the cfl players are as good as NFL players...i think so.

Football is football - just wait until he gets on the field in a game situation. It might open his eyes a bit.

Argos owner showed very poor judgement here. Bob was classy and reserved in his comments.

These type of comments make it difficult to grow the league when everyone is doing their own thing.

As much as I like seeing Williams in the CFL and this is a very good financial move for the Argos. There is no need to get dirty.

Its also erroneous Bob was the CEO of a succesful software company, the most successful open source developer ever. He 's not a computer salesman. That's like assuming Cynamon made his money selling CinaBuns...

lol....i dont think he'd care if bob made a light-hearted barb calling him the cinibun-man.

it was made in fun, knowin the 2 organizations get along well.

Don't forget Ricky was talking about the Argo defense. :smiley:

We should chant "cy-na-bun, cy-na-bun" when playing the argos.


I have a better chant idea, just click here!

Ricky does have to deal with one extra defender and no support from blocking TE's. Anyways, having Ricky in the league will help other teams and the CFL more than T.O. itself.

Ricky's salary + incentives + what the argo's have to pay to insure his NFL salary = Agro's in the red. Everyone knows he's a one time really it doesnt do anything for the agro's in the future.

The only good out of this is maybe NFL caliber or NFL cuts will take more of a chance to try out the CFL.

rickys salary is between 240K and 250K, with no incentives. and they dont have to insure his NFL salary.

"We expressed to Ricky our concerns about playing in Toronto in 2006," Nick Saban said. "We are relying on assurances made by Ricky, his agent, the Toronto Argonauts, and the commissioner of the Canadian Football League that Ricky will return to the Dolphins in 2007. you really think Miami would let him play if his NFL contract wasnt insured by Toronto???

seriously folks, can we cut down on the signature pics... they take up so much room

i say to He|| with Ricky Williams, N Ta He|| With The Argo's!


Bleach salesman.

Oh ... and he also sells K-Y personal lubricants. (I'm not saying there's anything wrong or funny about that - shame on you if you're giggling right now.)

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ExPat, that’s the best post ever.

Personally, I’ll listen to a self-made millionare over a guy who married into money and most recently bought a KY jelly manufacturer.

The Blue Jays brought in many big names during the Gord Ash era. Attendance didn’t improve nor did the market grow. Signing Ricky Williams will be a flash in the pan.

The Argos owners, David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski, have run losses in their first two seasons operating the team and are expected to run a loss this season as well.

Like I said in a previous post:

Ricky's salary + incentives + what the argo's have to pay to insure his NFL salary = Agro's in the red.