OMG! Ray and Tucker gone too?!?!.......

TSN – Canada’s Shorts Network
June 19, 2006


If you have any idea what Eskimos Head Coach Danny Maccocia is up to please let the rest of the world know.

Word today out of the Igloo is that Ricky Ray, Jason Tucker and Troy Davis are on the proverbial chopping block and will be released by the team before the upcoming weekend grudge match against the province rivals from down south.

“I haven’t heard a thing? a visibly stunned Ray said to reporters as he entered the team’s front office today. Neither Tucker or Davis were available for comments as the team slowly arrived for morning workouts. “We are supposed to hear something later today? noted a shaking Kelly Wiltshire who had to leave the interview quickly after nervously looking over his shoulder at the front office entrance.

One visibly upset fan was spotted outside the facility. “Come out here you miserable French bastard!? the 19 year old single male screamed to the glass doors while he repeatedly threw his hat at the building. “Explain to me why you are stripping this team of it’s talent pool you dancing idiot!? he relented to the door before falling in a shuddering weeping heap. Security moved in and removed the young lad shortly thereafter.

Even more strange is the fact that long time leader of the 2006 Grey Cup Champions Hugh Campbell has not been seen around the teams facility for quite some time. In an unconfirmed report, this agency has also learned that the electrical bill for Commonwealth stadium has skyrocketed by a whopping 1,200%. Neighbours to the facility are complaining to city officials of glowing pulses of light at night and the apparent release of a horde of nocturnal bats to the night sky last Tuesday.

“We definitely have some question we would like to ask the people at the Eskimo office but every time we call someone laughs hysterically and hangs up on us?, said city manager Boris Strencoff.


Wow any 19 year old we might know! Red!


Piece of art !

:lol: :lol: :lol:

R&W has been taking lessons from one "Mr. York"!

Good one Red!

LOLOLOLOL....that would have been me if i didnt have some reservations to make for the next few hours at work

I believe that was you he is refering too!

My god, I have heard of cleaning house but that’s insane, especially only after week one.

EE is really commenting suicide this season thus far, Tucker actually didn’t do too bad, FSN says so.

I understand fixing your team, but throwing out half of your guys, plus a few that were good?

hopefully, this is just a sick joke.

I would assume it's a joke, why get rid of your # 1 QB, WR and RB? donnie brady was released because a younger guy beat him out of a job, simple as that. so if they release Ray, who are the esks going to pick up? Khari Jones? and if that happenes where will Ray go? or Tucker or even Troy Davis? would ray go to the bombers or could they even afford him? they're enough quality backs in the league so troy davis could be gone just like darrin davis his bro. and tucker...well jason tucker you are welcome to join the riders if you so please....come on

To paraphrase a quote from an episode of The Simpsons, "KK came here via Australia, and they think he's slooooooow, eh?"

Its blatantly obvious that R&W wrote this post tongue in cheek. I mean, hello? Refering to TSN as "Canada's SHORTS Network"? I mean, I know you're in Atlanta and all, but JC, dude, even an often dim-witted Yank (read: Dubbya) could see its a mock news story.

Red....You're invited to join me fishing on the lake! I thought Saskargo had good bait, but you're reeling in some big ones today!

....I DID go fishing yesterday with my two daughters (son was at the golf course working his tail off).....the upper Bow by Cochrane was very high, very fast, very murky and very unpopulated by fish... :frowning: .....

then again, no link should have been a clue that was a joke. ya think a link would've fooled you even more?!.....I'll have to remember that for next time....I thought the 1,200% jump in electricity use would've given it away, hell even the title is pretty bad, but hmmmmm, a link did me in....

i never even noticed it said ‘shorts’ untill u pointed it out…i guess i was just assuming it said ‘sports’

Nocturnal bats going into night sky obviously wasn't enough, apparently.

What other kind of bats are there?

If Hughie had gone truly mad, it would a continuous barrage of sublimal messages along the lines of, "Come over to the Dark Side, my children."

And the beam would have been aimed some 200 miles to the south.

To steal from a popular internet flash animation and bit during an episode of Family Guy, "Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat." :lol:

I have to remember this thread next April 1. :lol:

I think I'll hijack this thread and start talking about you know what!

:lol: just kidding :lol:

now THAT'S funny right there, I don't care who you are!