Wow, was that a QB I just watched drive the boys in black and gold 91 yards! On the money passes with authority...outstanding. Lets hope Porter keeps it up, but even if he doesn't he still impressed the hell out of me; we looked like a different team on that drive.

Now....can we please get a secondary that can defend the pass. :x

As impressed as I was, im not getting my hopes up. :smiley:

it is not the secondary, they are good. If the front 4 cannot get pressure, then the play favours the receivers. Lb's and db's are good, front 4 cannot get near the QB

Very true!

get us some pressure on the QB and we stop many of those plays

Thompson, Tisdale and the boys looked pretty good. We definitely need more heat from the line. NML has been a huge disappointment.

How the frig could we not play BeaMan.

I heard Bauman has a concussion? I think someone on here posted it, not sure if its true.

Thanks for the info...Sad

I got my hopes up with Chang...but this guy looks like he's got the tools. Impressive for sure...deserved a better fate.

the D-line has to get better pressure on the QB but Lawrence Gordon needs to be replaced...Jykine, Chris and Geoff are solid though :thup:

Quinton Porter played unreal tonite... he made a lot of good decisions with the football and made things happen. i agree with diehardticat27 the cats have the worst pass defense but tisdale, gordon and thompson are amazing. clutch interception in the endzone by thompson tonite.

Our secondary is very athletic and they are gelling together. Did you see Thompsons speed to track down that ball in the endzone. Give the secondary some help and get pressure on the QB. Interceptions happen when you get pressure. Sacks sometimes happen when you get more pressure. Everytime we get heat on a QB, our secondary make big plays. It is the key. With a year under his belt, OB will make this a better team.

One drive? Is that what we're getting excited about? Printers put together a (largely passing) 97 yard drive last week, capped by a touchdown pass. Williams has done the same. Let's not talk as if it hasn't been done. But time will tell. I'm not about to jump on the lastest bandwagon.

Its funny how the CFL works eh!

Maybe Marcel has a plan after all, seemed as if a drop back passer is what our recievers needed all along.

Um, YES. After watching Printers fumble around the field for 9 games I am excited by a QB that can see the field and deliver the ball. Porter was great out there, and not just throwing the ball. He was looking off the defenders instead of telegraphing his passes, and he has a great set of wheels. Porter to start the rest of the season in my books. Hell, even our receivers looked better with him throwing the ball!

Maybe yes, maybe no. It's happened so many times though. You might not want to get your hopes sky high. If, and at this point it is a big IF, he can do it for four quarters, 18 games long, then so be it. Kevin Eakin threw for four hundred yards in his first game as starter. Timmy Chang was unstoppable in his first preseason. It's way too early to do cartwheels. At this point I don't have any expectations. I'm just watching. Whoever can do the job, go to it, but we've been promised and have built the hype ourselves so many times and it's turned out to be false hope every time. The point is he did nothing that hasn't been done this year on one or two drives. Yes that's all he's played, I know. Good job. Now let's see him from the first snap. I won't be surprised to see a repeat of Chang's first start if Porter starts against BC. But I may be pleasantly surprised. One thing I know is that I'm through looking for heros to come riding into town. You haven't done anything until you've done it and I've had all the potential I can stand for the next decade.

funny I saw the game later on tsn2 since i was working. I was listening to the first half on the radio and since i have sirius i got the winnipeg feed (thank god cuz coach sal makes my ears bleed) but the thing that stood out too me (at least listening on the radio) is Printers had NO time. Blah Blah Blah Porter had the same line...winnipeg also had no tape on we'll call it a push. In fact on call on the radio went like this.....Printer's in the's the snap, pressured and sacked. NO he drops backs or looks for a receiver's the snap...sack! All I want for Christmas is an Oline

I should also say that Porter did play well!