OMFG RIDER TATTOOS so PSYCHED right now...only 30 days till we kick the shit out of loserpeg, and IM getting 2 rider tattoos soon OMFG YES heres a pic of one of them:

the other is just the regular rider logo

AND nealon greene is a PIMP me and my friend were playing football at taylor field and him and dominguez and butler and mitchell do routes and play catch and nealon was throwing passes to us he knows how we roll were his playas


That was the most retarded thing I've ever heard. First off I am a huge rider fan and I dont know what the hell that logo on that hat was from but it sure ain't the riders. Why you would get actual tattoos of that in the first place I have no idea.

Nuff Said.

just because it is a green S does not mean it has anything to do with the riders. and that logo is not even nice. but it is your skin. have fun. i can see it now... in 60 years dementia setting in you looking at this tattoo wondering what the heck it is and how it got there then looking over at the rider tattoo and thinking to yourself maybe next year the rider's will get that third cup.

now your talking some sense

so you say it is a logo. was it ever on a helmut or jersey?? and you are a rider fan hahahahahahahahahah

i guess i can't depend on you for a vote as best poster then??

I have to tell you guys that before you dis some loyal rider fan about logos and stuff do your homework...I was just in the store today in Regina and they are indeed selling a hat with that logo on it...I'm not saying it is a good logo or not,but if someone wants to get a tatoo of it ,that's none of our business...

here is a link of a different hat with the same logo...

check out what website it is from...nuff said....over and out...

that logo sucks....sask is not known for their horses, we dont wear spurs and if you want to, you should move to calgary.

You are still missing the said it wasn't a rider logo,but it is...can't stand to be wrong can you...didn't say it was a cool logo,just a you said earlier ...nuff said....

still think you should have gotten the 70's era Spaulding logo instead. At least it was official.