Omarr is back!!!!!!!

If things fall into place, we could have Omarr and JJ on the corners, Lance and ED at half, Clovis/Gordon at safety, and Justin as the 6th DB (who plays alot in our scheme).

The secondary may have gone from a weaknes to a strength.

Now if only Stancil can stay healthy, I believe our LB's will be fine as well. In fact, Gordon plays pretty smart, and is big enough and a good tackler that there's no reason he couldn't do what Jackie Mitchell did and play strong side LB...move Stancil over to Hunt's spot, with Mo Lloyd in the middle....I wouldn't mind that. Not at all.

I am happy that Morgan is back, but I do not think his roster position is as assured as many would think or hope.

We will also have Dre Dokes in training camp, and he had an excellent training camp last year (perhaps the best rookie in camp) and played well in the pre-season.

I am not certain why he asked to go back home last year rather than hang around on the practise roster. Perhaps someone here knows the gossip about that.

Your right. It is very interesting. I'm not total familiar with the Evil Empire's heirarchy. But if Hugh Campbell is in fact the devil, I guess Danny Macoccia did make a deal with the devil. Rick Campbell is Hugh's son? Dameon?

Seriously, I guess Macoccia is good at laying the "blame game". I'd be interesting if an EE fan asked the TSN panel how Macoccia has not been fired. Or maybe one day Macoccia will write a book "How not to get Fired from Your Job"

The only thing better then being the back up quarterback in Saskatchewan is being a player who sat on the paper cut reserve all season long.

There were a number of players, Dokes and the quarterback who are natural born leaders and superstars who should be able to just walk on the field and win. The question, I would have is if they are so good why did they sit on the papercut reserve all season long.

ya ya ya, im not surprised...
welcome and all that jazz
on with bidness...