Omarr is back!!!!!!!


[url=] ... &sid1=8676[/url] far as im concerned this is huge


Eddie, Omarr, and JJ with a little bit of Lance Frazier = sicksecondary to me!

On a side note, did you notice that they gave James Johnson a new contract too... and presumably a raise? :smiley:


Happy about Johnson. OK with Omar coming back. Wanted Tillman to find more young players. But Davis keeps going strong. Maybe Morgan will to.

Sucks to be Morgan, he plays for the riders for seven years and misses the cup only to return the next year!

He got paid though, so its not a total loss.

Nice to see MoMo back. Will solidify our DB situation, especially if we don't re-sign Kornegay.

Ya im assuming the JJ re-signing was a raise as it wasn't a real contract extension except maybe 1 extra year? And i will take Omarr Morgan over Kornegay ANYDAY. Although he is getting old we really need his expierence.

I will take Morgan over almost any other Corner in the league, and definetly over any we have on our roster.

Good moves. Omar is a great player. You didn’t hear about him often in 2006-2007 as teams know not to test him. Remember when Kevin Glenn tested him in the final minuite of the Banjo Bowl 2005. Oh Yeah!! Or the blocked punt in 2005 against Edmonton on the final play of the game. Welcome back OMAR! Danny Maccocia and Rick Campbell are clueless.

Remember when Glenn tested him early in 06....believe it was a 100 yard pass to Milt with no time left on the clock..


Good move by Tillman. Defensive back was by far our weak point on the team especially when Davis went down.

In 06 Omar played for the Riders. That play. The only way Omar saw it was watching on tv.

It might have been a skill testing question after the fact.
Richie Hall: "Omarr, give us an example of what never to do on ANY play if your are a DB".
Omarr: "Never blitz with 4 seconds left and leave your corner one on one with Milt Stegal"

But I believe it was
Frank, and another guy closest to Milt.
Omarr was at home watching TV as Austin says.

I am very pleased we extended J. Johnson, and am also quite happy to welcome Omarr back.
At 32, he should have a few decent years left.
He will still need to make the team, but if he still can, we will be better with him, than without him.

I too hope this spells the end for Kornegay.
He was a liability most of the time.
Of course it is Justin that Omarr must beat out in camp, not Kornegay...and I was not unhappy with him--most of the time.

It is a good signing by Tillman. It should be a big improvement over the weakest part of the team last year.

Thanks Austin!

SlitherX, What is wrong with you?


Oh yeah, your a Blue Bomber fan! OH ZING....POW!


That is great!!

In Tillman we trust!!!!

Go Riders!

I'm with you on that one Mike. Secondary was quite suspect, especially in the last two thirds of the season.

Great move!

I like this signing, that way we've got some quality vets vying for positions in training camp, and hopefully the added pressure helps these guys not get lazy.

Didn't hear much of him in Edmonton last year but you also have to take into consideration that Rick Campbell is the coach there.

You know, that is a subject probably not pertaining to this forum, but definelty bodes it's own questions. What exactly is the story with Danny? Did he make some sort of a deal with the devil? Anyone else wouldn't be fit to hold the towels, but as stunned as he is (and Campbell too) he somehow continues to survive. Oh well, our gain.....I was flipping with JOY when I heard Omarr is coming home. Sorry about the missing out of the ring, I think he still deserves one none the less for his overall contributions to the green and white. Excellent move!