Omar Morgan

I would like for Omar to come back home to the Riders. Despite what the Picks Johnson made in the Grey Cup I still don't think he is that good.
Morgan is a shut down corner. Bring him home tillman.

Edmonton Released him for those that don't know.

i say bring him back

He'd have to come at a much lower cost than the report 145k he made last year.

Other than maybe for salary cap reasons, I don't understand why the esks would release Morgan. He's a great cornerback. Any Rider fans who say he's no good because the Esks cut him have to realize you can't take solice in decisions that Danny Machocia makes.

I'd love to see Omar back. I agree he's not worth 145k. It would be very reassuring to have another veteran on the secondary incase Eddie goes down again (knock on wood). Even better with the loss of two of our biggest front seven (Reggie and Fred).

Realistically it's probably not gonna happen as I imagine that Calgary or Hamilton can make him a much more lucrative offer than Saskatchewan. But than again, he's also expressed strong feelings for Richie Hall after his Sask departure. Maybe he'll comeback to Richie's D at a lesser price for stability.

And yes, Johnson, Frasier, Justin, and Clovis are pretty good, but I agree that they're all inconsistent. Maybe in a couple years these guys will be great. But in the mean time, I'd like the return of Omar.

This shouldn't be considered a knock on ET, but I'm also not so sure that what appears to be Tillman's ever growing ego will allow him to go for a guy who made no effort for contract negotiaion one year ago.

Davin Bush released by Winnipeg, Omarr Morgan released by Edmonton. Was it salary, lack of solid play on the field, better talent in their respective systems? Edmonton was not a good team last year. Winnipeg was not good enough. Changes would have to be made, if they are going to improve.

I say we should not sign either. Eddie Davis will be back, Lance Frazier will be back (I think he will better this year), Lance Johnson will be back, and I think Dre Dokes is a promising talent. Maybe with the trade for the new Canadian O'lineman, that will open up an import position on the starting roster. I predict (and hope) an import at safety this season, possibly Sean Lucas.

I suspect Bush was released for salary cap reasons, he was injured allot of last season and had a very sub-par season.

I would like to see Morgan back with the riders. But if they only offered Reggie 85K, I don't see them offering Morgan much more. In addition, with the comments that went on last year, I wonder if Eric will hold a grudge. It would be unfortunate if he does.

Omarr could stablize a weak secondary and help bring the young guy along.

I agree that Davin Bush shouldn't be resigned. He was injured alot and when he played, he was pretty ineffective. Greg Marshall is a pretty darn good coach.

But Rick Campbell is terrible. Overall, I thought Omar had a pretty solid season in 2006. Our secondary was awful last year. We were second last in secondary categories to only calgary. Yes Hamilton's secondary was statistically better than ours. Omar wasn't the solution in Edmonton. But he could be a big part of the solution to our secondary in Saskatchewan. He doesn't deserve a lucrative contract by any means though. But him coming back to our team would be beneficial. I give it pretty low odds he returns to the Green and White.

I meant 2007. Woops!!

i would like to see him come back too! before the grey cup i hated james johnson. Bring back Morgan!

Hard to believe Morgan is available, every Western team has mobile QB's who can air it out with accuracy,Morgan is savvy, durable, and experienced,an overall solid DB who will be playing somewhere this season hopefully it's with the Green, we could use him

Omar and James Johnson = Sickness!

Something tells me ET will look at "younger" FA's than Omarr. His age and probable salary requests will cause ET to look elsewhere! I'd like to see Omarr back, but like other fans have noted, on this thread, he would not be able to demand a starters salary.

I don't see any younger free agents out worth signing that much. I suspect it will be has the rift between Omarr and Eric been healed. The riders have a ton of salary cap room to play with.

There's always young players available out there for a primarily import position. I could see him bringing in some new guys to compete for a spot. Most of the successful teams in this league develop their own star players, most of BC's defense has been scouting and brought in by them.

Why did the Eskimos let Morgan go? Cap. Or cap and play. Why do so many Rider fans always say get him? Keep him. Dont lose him. If its a Rider or a former Rider or a big name player. Maybe Morgan is not as good as he was. Remember everyone bitching about losing Bobby Jurasin? End of the world was coming. Remember how quick everyone shut up after R Kal Trueluck got 3 or 4 sacks in his first game. Maybe its not ego dadog. Maybe its having a proven gm. Knowing he can find players. Young players who are good.

Young players who are good, are good. But Older players who are great are better.

There is a difference between what you are saying and what happened with the riders last year. Of the 5 positions in the backfield for most of the year, they were staffed by players who hadn't played together and the vast majority with less then 3 years experience. It showed on a number of occasions. Oh...btw....the riders developed Morgan. He started with the organization.

Austin....there is fairly big difference between Bobby and Omarr....and that is age. Bobby was coming to the end of his career. He lasted what another year in the league and was relatively in-effective in Toronto.

I say get him.

the more the merrier at TC...