Omar Jacobs

This guy has to come into the cfl; 6-4, 225 lbs...COME ON!! He seems like the perfect cfl quarterback. He played for Bowling Green where he shattered basically all of the schools passing records. He now plays for the Florence Phantoms in some league in the States called the American Indoor Football Association. How do you think it woul dbe possible for him to come, and for what team most likely?

Never heard of him. Is he on anyone's neg list?

Him and Bernie Morris are shocking to me not too be in the cfl

I'm sure there are one of two reasons Jacobs isn't in the CFL. (1) he doesn't want to play up here, or (2) the powers that be in the CFL don't think he has the arm strength to throw that 40 yard sideline out pass and isn't mobile enough. That has been the down fall of many a NCAA star coming to the CFL.