Omar jacobs waived by steelers

look at theese stats from a game last year

he is mobile and a good passer i couldnt find any videos so if you can that'd be great i really think the cats should bring him in if no1 wantshim in the nfl.

Good idea, black n gold. It would be a smart move to place Omar Jacobs on the Ticats' negotiation list if he does not end up on the Steelers practice squad or signed by another NFL team.

he's already used to the colours.

Wasnt this Omar a highly touted QB during the draft? Not as big as Young, leinart or Cutler, but wasnt he getting some attention? Probably some teams who missed out might give him a shot.

There's a reason why the steelers cut him. However, why not give him a shot? See what he can do?

I'm not saying make him our starting QB just yet though.

A couple of points related to Omar.

1st, no one is going to excel in the QB position they way the offensive line has performed and our sorry lack of decent receivers. Dont give up on Maas, when the line is improved and some decent receivers are hired Mass will more than fill the bill.

2nd, Hamilton always signs guys that have QB credentials, but sadly they let the talent waste away on the bench until the players skills have deteriorated. How come teams out west can put in the 2nd and 3rd stringers and still perform offensively.

he made the practice roster

The website reports that the Pittsburgh Steelers released Omar Jacobs from their practice squad today.

I was watching a BC Lions game this year and the play by play guys said that Wally divides the snaps in practice equally 1/3 to each QB. I think that could only happen when you have a successful veteran starting QB who has been with the team a while. It would be interesting to see how the other teams across the league structure their practices in particular on offense.

Omar is good, he was a one man show at college (bowling green i think) He is much more of a natural CFL QB than some of the more recent guys brough here We need a playmaker and Omar has proven he capable, much like Reggie McNeal who was discussed in another thread.

The Steelers cut alot of 3rd-7th round picks every year its a pretty weird tactic. Jacobs stock was pretty high heading into draft day but he slid a bit for some reason.

Anyways hes probably waiting for another NFL team to take a chance on him, which is reasonable.

I've seen Omar play a few times, he seems to have good poise, a strong arm etc. We should try to go after him, but only if he gets a hair cut.

he's on the bomber neg list. sorry bout that

In Hamilton, under Greg Marshall,

The 1st and 2nd string QBs split 1/2 and 1/2 running their own team's offence.

The 3rd string QB only ran the plays of their upcoming opponents.

Ron Lancaster divides things up about the same.

The CFLPA mandates a 4 1/2 maximum workday.
so on field time is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Not much time with the 3 units working indiviually and on team skills, too

They only have 3 full practices,

plus a short walk thru the day before a game with media interviews
and the day after they come in for a short time to work out the kinks.

Thanks for the info Ron. So if Eakin gets half of the snaps in practice then there goes the arguement that he comes into the game unprepared. The team has prepared him as much as they have prepared the started so really it is up to him as a backup to have the mentality to believe he will enter the game at any time.

Sorry Black n Gold for straying off topic a bit in your thread.