omar evans a FA?

omar evans was released today by the winnipeg blue bombers. evans would be a great addition to the riders, IMO.

i think that if we signed evans and charlton they would be great replacements for morgan and bush.

both evans and charlton are about 6ft 200lbs, which would make our defensive backfield very physical.

does anyone have any insight or opinions?
if not evans and charlton then whom should the rider be looking at to take over the vacant roles?

How old is he ? ,,I think we should stay away from "band aid" solutions, If we are looking to go with our younger guys lets let them evolve into a cohesive unit together. If he has 3 - 4 yrs left , he is a pretty fair player,,,,,,, but no band aids, we are going to have growing pains in the backfield no matter what !!!

Hmm actually I think he might be a good signing. He knows the system because he used to play here. He would be great in a teacher type of roleā€¦

both charlton and evans are between 30 and 31.
basically they are in the same age group as bush and morgan. eddie davis just turned 35 last month, and morgan signed a four year deal with the esk's at 31. so 30 ain't really a "band-aid" soultion. but i do see your point cider. imo, we are going to be lacking depth in our secondary if we don't find 1-2 experienced players. growing pains can be eased with this move.

GOOD IDEA- instead of having 2 third year starters(clovis and johnson) next year when eddie retires, we could have some one to fill his position as a veteran leader and slowly work other rookies in!

BAD IDEA- start lots of young dbs who can't handle adjusting to the cfl because it's a huge difference from the american game they knew, with no player to lead them or guid them.

i think it's more of an evolution this way, and a competition.

Your right G, we need some veteran leadership.

Eddie is our our guy as far as leadership goes: Richie put it together,,,we still have both,,,,,ask yourself ,,why is Eddie still here HE Will lead,,a few years ago Eddie Came in and made a rookie backfield look pretty good,,,same old, same old, don't worry(more picks) I E ball hawks

Omar Evans started in the Rider backfield as a rookie with a lot of other unknowns under Richie Hall...oh right, Bush, Morgan, McCalla! Omar is not to old nor is Richie unable to find and train talent. I would like to have Evans come over but I am not worried as long as Hall is there as coach. I am certain that if Richie absolutely thought he could not replace Bush and Morgan, he would have told ET and Tillman would have made sure that they were staying.


I would be very happy to have Charlton or Evans on our team. Sure, they are in their 30's but both these guys can still play. I would feel a lot better if we had them in our secondary instead of some guys who are inexperienced.

I would also like to see McCalla back in the green and white. He is only 31 so I think he may have a couple years left in him.

Just to clarify, I wuold only want one more FA DB.. Like Sanman or Omar Evans

Eddie is our our guy as far as leadership goes
why is Eddie still here HE Will lead
cider i'm not saying eddie isn't or won't be a leader. i'm simply saying that if he retires in the next two years(which he will) we won't have ANY veteran leadership in the db.

but, if we bring some guys in now with experience we would have a veteran leader already established to take over eddie's role WHEN he chooses to retire. it's called planning and if you do it well you can resolve a lot of problems that occur instantly by being prepared and thinking ahead a few seasons.

P.S. i think omar evans would fit best because of his familiarity with richie hall and with the city.

ya omar evans still a has a few year left and the time he retires clovis and those types can step up and lead thats the best idea