O'Man he miseed

Should we dump em or keep em

So he is stuggling on field goals. Hopefully he will get out of his funk and do the Lions good like he did in the West Final, making clutch field goals. His punting in the past few games has be really good.

I think he will be fine now. He seems more focused than before and the Lions seem to be putting some pressure on him to continue improving on FGs. He hasn't had to kick too many since he was screwing up but his punting as been outstanding and that is a bi t of a measure on how he will do when asked to kick an important FG.

It is now getting too late to make that change this year and no one could come here and beat his punting.

I am inclined to side with the Lions decision to keep DO as FG guy and not bring in another FG kicker now as it keeps another Canadian or Import active and that is key to their success right now and for the title run.

Look at Paul, he was dreadful the first 3 games, then the next 3 games he was 1 miss from being perfect, he has really bounced back and done his job awesomely, i expect Duncan will do the same, just give him time :lol:

Yes, I see him coming out of his funk, soon. He will be there for his team like last year in the playoffs, and making clutch field goals, punts, you name it.

Keep him.

i think he makes the game more interesting its fun to watch him you dont know what to expect

I say keep him.

He'll get his groove back and then watch out.............

Dump him? And use who, exactly? Sometimes it's better to dance with the devil you know.

All players go through slumps…See Westwood, McCallum, Kellet,

Let him work it out.