O'Mahony replaced again

i was watching the bc, bomer game and mark McLoughlin was kicking the field goals when did he replace Duncan

just a note: this is now the second time Mcloughlin has had to replace O'Mahony in the middle of the season

From the commentators it seems that it happened just this week.
He seems fine though. He did hit that 30 something yard FG.

A little off topic, but its kind of funny.
Mtl kicker DUVAL today at the Big Ohhhwelost missed 3 short feildgoals INSIDE! WITH NO WIND!!

The funny thing is, at the begining of the game, theres this cheesy contest that DEGREE Deodarant picks a person to kick a 25 yard feild goal and win 25k!! He got it, but Duval missed his 3 25 yarders (or around)!!


thats pretty funny. But i do feel bad for Duval, he looked really p***ed off after he missed those short ones.

That's pretty funny!!!

McLoughlin was in against Montreal (He missed one there too!) He's going to do the FG kicking while Duncan does the punting.

This certainly says a lot about DeAngelis. I hope Calgary can hang onto him for a few seasons. Its nice to watch a good fieldgoal kicker. I'm STILL missing Lawerence Tynes... :frowning: