O'Mahony cut loose to pursue kicking jobs

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The Calgary Stampeders ended the Duncan O'Mahony experiment yesterday but now expect the punter to find work elsewhere in the CFL.

O'Mahony was brought to training camp to push incumbent punter Burke Dales and that was exactly what happened.

Dales, a West Division all-star last year, punted well in the season-opener, averaging 50.4 yards on three attempts.

Although O'Mahony's second stint with the Stamps didn't go exactly as planned because a back injury kept him out of action for more than a week, head coach Tom Higgins said the six-year CFL veteran proved he could still play.

The Stamps cut him loose to let him pursue another job, and there are a few teams around the league that could use reliable kicking help. The Stamps tried to but were unsuccessful in making a trade.

"We're going to give Duncan the respect he deserves because he came in, competed and was a professional about the situation," Higgins said. "The reason to do it sooner rather than later is to give him an opportunity to punt somewhere else. He is healthy now and ready to play."

Higgins said the decision between Dales and O'Mahony came down to whether the team wanted hang-time or directional kicking. With the new special teams rules keeping punts in bounds, Dales' exceptional hang time won out over O'Mahony's directional kicking.

Higgins also said O'Mahony put to rest any thoughts that he is unstable after going missing before training camp last season.

"There's no question (his troubles) are behind him," Higgins said

next stop Toronto?

.....I was hoping we could get something for him, oh well....good luck Dunc....

There is nowhere left?

Geez Calgary, what took you so long??????

...lol, couldn't release him because as a veteran player you can't cut loose a injured player until the docs say he is o.k....

lol - get healthy so we can get rid of you…

So, has Duncan turned up anywhere yet? :lol: :lol: :lol:
Is he still at the Calgary Bus Station? :lol: :lol: :lol:

He is in a cab driving around and around picking up fares.

You know thats how it went!