....oh my....we've signed him AGAIN....hope he shows up this time....All kidding aside///He is a Canuck kicker...and not bad when he gets his game together..i'll forget his shanks he had playing for Wally and hope for the best,,when he puts on the BluenGold/// :wink: :roll:

why on earth are we wasting time with this guy again. just a word of advice make sure you actually catch your plane this time numb nut$

He’s stopping via BC to pickup his BC Bud, then he’ll be off to Winnipeg to “Smoke” the opposition! :lol: :lol:

...long as he can see straight enough down the sidelines sport....i've got a feeling he's gonna turn his game around...seeing as this is probably his last 'kick' at the can so to speak...he can't afford to be known as o' missy around the Peg...or it's o'gonzo... :lol:

Be scared Papa, be very scared! :lol: :lol:

With him being so over weight, maybe Duncan will be doing endorsements for:

Are you ready?

Dunkin Donuts!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

.....orrrrrr Hortons....Berry had the best comment so far on Duncan, when he found out he was working in a vineyard lately....quote' ..'as long as he's got the grapes from out between his toes...we should be fine'... :lol: :lol:

If he still has the ability to be a consistent directional kicker, then it will be a good move for the Bombers.

Duncan Donuts broke his toe!!! yahooooooo!!!

shoulda kept monrue, he lit no’mony up in preseason

Are you serious? :? :?

I wonder if he was stoned and whacked his foot on something?

....just a little 'toe jam'...apparently into a closet door in his hotel room...Duncan re-set the toe himself...and according to doctors did a good job...I wonder if this guy isn't jinxed when he hears the name Winnipeg BlueBombers...If Serna can punt half decent in the T.O. game...i'd be a little worried if I were O'Mahoney.... :roll: :roll:

Closet Door?

Was Duncan comming out of the closet? Never mind, touchy subject. SHouldn't go there. Too many arguments to be generated.

Could be worse, O'Missy could have toked up outside and got run over by a car.

Yes, the Soap opera on Duncan's life continues.