O'Mahoney a Rider?

Just heard that the Riders are considering bringing Duncan to camp to challenge Luca! I don't know what to think? Any thoughts?

Well I think They are just bringing o’mahoney here for punting duties and luca for kicking duties. Atleast I hope so. :expressionless:

I think there are a few teams interested in Duncan. Sask, Calgary, and Winnipeg (I believe).
The Riders would need him for punting and kickoffs as Congi is great with field goals!

i would like to see this punter come here :smiley: improve the special teams by 100% :wink:

Yeah, punting is safe for Duncan....Field goals..... We didn't call him O'Missy for nothing out here in lotus land! :wink: :wink: :wink:

I think having a punter and a kicker on a team is a huge waste of money. If you can kick the ball then you should be able to punt it as well. So in my opinion, Congi better be punting his azz off this off- season.

News Update:

Duncan is still in the smoking room of Calgary International Airport having a toke of his BC bud and trying to read his plane ticket. He can't tell if it says Winnipeg or Regina! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

duncan signed in calgary tonight

Which of course begs the question.......WHY?

Does he seriously think he can out-FG Sandro DeAngelis or out-punt Burke Dales?

An odd signing from where I sit........

I agree Mad Jack, but he sounded pretty confident on last nights radio interview.

Must of had a few too many tokes!

I would think it has more to do with money, but I don’t know any figure$ so…