O'Mahoney a Bomber

I dont follow.

Well obviously there has to be more then 30 kickers in the states who can consistantly hit from 50+
I guess that there are only a handful of Canadians who can....so Yes it is the job of the scouts to go out and find those kickers who can.

You do realise that its much easier to kick a 50 yarder in the states because the hash marks are much closer together

Actually, I think Duncan does have a Grey Cup ring to wave at us. Didn't he win a Grey Cup as a Punter with the 2001 Calgary Stampeders? Calgary Posters, was he your punter in 2001?

He was.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Bombers go from one flaky kicker to another?????????
What the heck are they thinking????????????????????
I'd have picked up the guy who kicked the 50 yarder in the kick to win a million contest a couple of years back !!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Crandell :wink:

From Troy to O'Missy- fitting I'd say!

Point taken...but the fact we elevate the ball with a tee must come close to balancing this out.

Have to keep the Rider fans amused somehow Turkey. I can only imagine what O'Mahony will do to top Troy's Banjo Bowl sideshow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did a little research on Serna... Apparently he hit 6 50+ yard field goals.... one was 58...... What does 58 American yards equal in Canadian yards(because of the hashmarks)
The Bombers should airlift in the kicking coach that Vanderjerk used this winter to improve his punting.... Aparently Serna was a semi decent punter in NCAA..... Then the Bombers can get rid of Dunkin Donuts....
Betcha Serna could outkick Donuts with a little techneque improvement.