O'Mahoney a Bomber

signed on with the Bombers....When he finally arrives in the Peg...i hope he brings his A game...someone may have to send Duncan a direction finder to get it done...(not a bad Canadian punter when he gets his game together)... :wink:

To quote footballyoubet ..... "POPPIECOCK"

Duncan Donuts can barely kick the ball 40 yards.... Dunkin Donuts has no hangtime..... Duncan Donuts kicks the ball and then races down field after it because it's usually a 33 yarder....
Doug Berry is an idiot for even considering this clown....
Berry got all POed because Westwood punted a 57 yard single instead of pinning the Ticats deep. Well atleast Westwood can punt the ball 57 yards!!!!! Duncan Donuts does not belong in any pro leaguie..... He would probably have a hard tiome finishing in the top 3 in CIS!!!!!!!


Mahoney's average was 42 yards.....Its nice that Westwood can kick 57 yards but it aint much good when you are standing on the opponents 45 yard line.

Accuracy is just as important as distance.

agreed he was up and down last season but IF he can be consistant he can be a good punter.

:lol: oh my god, too funny, we got rid of the aging head case, just so we could bring in the younger version. Berry will have Duncan crying like a baby to get out in about 5 minutes.

As flaky as Westwood is. He has a point when he says he wasn't beaten out. Looks like Taman is praying that a decent kicker is released by BC or Edmonton.

If you are standing on the opponets 45 yard line then that means it's like a 40 yard field goal.... If you can't make a kick from 50 yards (never mind 40) then you have no business being in pro football.
I love the fact that Canadians are usually given the kicking position because it is a skill position......however....if you can't kick a fifty yard field goal.....there are plenty of Americans who can.

Like every team always tries the Field Goal from 50 and less :roll:

Seeing how only 3 were made from 50 and more.....I guess its time to get rid of all the kickers!

Westwood's longest was 42 so I guess they are following your advice and geting rid of him.

EXACTLY.....right on ro1313, Troy couldn't get it done anymore as far as accuracy goes...the Bombers will see an improvement in that area....making a pretty good team ...a bit better... :wink:

Papa, Piggy, not to worry, we will send O'Missy our best pick of the "Crop" this year.

Let me find that interview I read:



Ah, there it is.

"Duncan, Do you like Grass or Artifical Turf?"

" I don't know, I've never smoked Artificial Turf before."

Duncan has to lay off the doughnuts and this league has to start taking the kicking position more seriously. Kicking is a big part of the Canadian game and yet the position often seems to be an afterthought. I would love to see Lawerence Tynes back, but the money is so much better down south. :cowboy:

What's he been eating?
He looks like he's been sitting on a couch and eating frozen pizza for two years !

…Lawrence Tynes??? i’d like to see Jon Ryan back…but that ain’t gonna happen

Oh yeah. Forgot about Ryan. Too bad he’s playing down south where long punts just don’t matter as much.

Well, the bomber could try seeking out their own aging ex NFL great. Must be a few out there.

Its not entirely impossible that Noel Prefontaine would soon be free to sign with another club... from what I understand, the rookies in Esk camp have been performing very well, Prefontaine didn't get off too many good punts in the first preseason game.

Marty York Reports Duncan is doing commercial endorsements for:

Dunkin Doughnuts!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bada Bing Bada Boom!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Berry has a chub for a directional kicker, and he thinks O'Mahoney is one of the best in the league, even if it only averages 40 yards.

Does kinda make sense with the new rule for kicking out of bounds now.

Sadly you could be onto something here..... If Scott Norwood's carrer is mentioned in the same breath as Bill Buckner for missing a 47 yard field goal.... then yes a pro kicker it would seem would be expected to make a 47 yard field goal.....much like a first baseman in MLB would be expected to handle a dribbler up the line.
If a 47 yard field goal is expected....then a 50 yard field goal isn't that much further.....
The fact that only 3 field goals were hit last season is a condemnation of the CFL and their American scouting staffs.

I want to wish O'Mahoney good luck with the Bombers. All the ridicule and problems he has gone through, it would be great to see him do well.