Omaha Nighthawks UFL has a Hamilton connection

Marcel Bellefeuille, Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers
Jason Boltus, Quarterback
8) This is old news my friend !!
   It was first reported on this site back on August 27.

   Besides former TiCat QB Jason Boltus, there is also another TiCat practice roster player from this season, who managed
    to stay around just long enough for a quick cup of coffee in Hamilton......DE Kevin Basped.

     He's the guy the Jets cut because of his cronic knee problems !!!     He obviously didn't impress the TiCat brass either  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Just found out via Twitter that Omaha vs Las Vegas is on CBS Sports Network right now.
Turned it on and the first play I saw was Boltus almost throwing a pick-6. DB dropped it or he was gone.
Boltus just threw a TD 2 plays later.

Watched an Omaha nighthawks game and was quickly reminded of why we released Boltus.Almost no awareness and throws the ball so low its almost always swatted.

I see that their stadium's naming rights are a Canadian financial company TD

I watched the game last night, thats why i posted this. I didn't see Marcel on the side lines, he was probably in the booth.