…and the winner of the 30th Olympics is Ol LONDON TOWN!

thourh I was hoping that Paris would get it and be the frist city to host the games 3 times since the guy that came up with the modren games was a Freachmen.

I just glad as hell that New York didn’t get it! :smiley:

Now, with some luck and pacts, maybe Toronto can beat New York to the 2016 Olympics! I believe Toronto’s time will come! :smiley:

What are your thoughts on the big vote today and furute games, guys?

Any one… BUT …NEW YORK…you can used that card too many times…and , if you can’t back up what you did , well them…

–Oh so New York didnt get the 2010 games? I didnt even hear about that. Why “anyone but New York”? It’s not the Yankees or Rangers we’re talkin about here. Are you from Boston or something?? I think that would’ve been cool. I mean, do you ENJOY waking up at 4am to watch all the Olys live, when in New York they would be basically in the same time zone as all of us??(depending where you are, but more or less the same)

There is one reason I would have liked NY, there is no time difference. During the last Olyimpics it was annoying to hear the results on the radio as soon in the mornings. I didnt want to watch the compitition that eveinig because I already knew the results

London Is Only 5 Hours Ahead Of Much Of The Country And When You Consider That Most Of The Events Don’t Start Untill 10:00 Or 11:00 Local Time So For People That Get Up At A Normal Time.

I’m Gald That Vancouver Got 2010 Instead Of Toronto Getting 2008, It Seems Stupid For A Country Like Canada The Host The Summer Games Twice And Only Hosting The Winter Games Once.

Also I Noticed That There Was Much Less Coverage Of This Olymics Bid. Is It Just Me Or Did Other People Find This As Well.

I watched as it was decided live on the Today Show.

I didn’t want NYC for a few reasons. Frist, before 9/11, there was abosoluty no talk about NYC getting or trying for the games, then 9/11 happens and all of a sudden, NYC has got to get it! Why?

They during the time that they were building the Olyimpic vernes, they would be building the new WTC and the same time, all would cost the city tons of money and I’m sure would have bankurupted the city like in the late 1970’s. Plus, now they is trouble in building the new WTC and will likly not be finsh in the year 2009 as was projected, but a year later. Is this the city you want to awared the games? I think not.

Also, the main staduim would be the new staduim for the New York Jets, and not the Giants, and may run Madison Sqaure Garden out of business, but not there is no Olympics, there maybe no Stadium, I hope…

I’m looking forward to Vancouver but I hope Toronto gets the 2016 games after London and maybe Paris will get the 2020 ones or a Freach city will get the 2014 winter games. I think the five cities in the final bid for the 2016 games will be from Africa, North and South America, and it will could down to New York City and Toronto. It will be very exciting to see who wins! :wink:

Toronto in 2016? That’s going to be a tough call. With Vancouver getting the 2010 Winters, the IOC will probably look to Australia again. North America’s a possible alternate for the 2016 Summers. Africa and South America haven’t done an Olympics before; however, Africa can’t really pull off the financial commitment and South America needs a very solid bid to turn the trick.

Just remember one thing tho: Toronto was up against an American bidder once before, and T-dot ended up jobbing to them (Atlanta 1996). Toronto might have a shot in 2016, but the politicians need to get their $#!t together if they’re going to get the nod (see: Mel Lastman’s “cannibal” comment in the race for 2008)

Australia? My home Country? I wish! We got the summer games 44 years after Melbounre (1956 Melbounre, 2000 Sydney) so I imagine that it will take another long peoriod before the games come back to the land of Aus. Here’s to Brisbane in 2044!

South America and Africa do have some power in not host the games (the Olyimipic movement does love “frists”). Cape Town will be a powerful player, and to a less extent, so is Rio De Janario. Buenos Arises is out cuz of Argentia’s economy problems, though they lost by only one vote to Melboune in 1956.

Looks like someone doesn’t want London to have the 2012 games, or either doesn’t like the summit in Scotland.

My heart goes out to the victums and their familys of this trebbie act of terroristism.

Reasons why i wouldn’t want Boston or any town for that matter to get the Olympics.

  1. never get the money you put into it.(the big O in Montreal, keep buying cigarettes)
  2. traffic, traffic, and more traffic.
  3. Half the events draw no fans; look at Greece.
  4. taxpayers get stuck with the bill.
  5. overrated
  6. Shuts down regular businesses for weeks.

I agree…but it looks like the WORLD is not safer. :frowning:

Peter That’s A Very american Way To View It And Why The US Rarely Gets The Game For Having Such A Large Population.

Better Places To Have The Games Would Be Japan, South Africa, Nigeria Or Prehapes Algeria (Especially With This Live 8 Stuff Going On), Or Other European. Canada And Australia Don’t Really Need To Have It As Much And There Isn’t Such A Demand For It As In Other Countries.

I couldn’t agree with you more. My view is very American. Do you believe that those African countries have enough money to host the olympics? Those countries in Africa owe us tons of money, so if they get the games i will be pissed. Those countries can have the games. I believe countries that battle for these games have big egos, and their big egos cost money. (London, New York, and Paris) Lets show off our country and how great it is. If only they took the money that they spend for the games and give it back to the people where it belongs. I hope Boston never bids for it. I know Boston is a great city and i don’t need to get the Olympics to prove it is.

p.s. Ask people in Montreal if they still want to pay for the Olympic Stadium, and was it worth it? Instead they would like to pay to renovate Molson Stadium, whcih would have happened sooner if it wasn’t for the big Olympic Bill.

Most Countries Get Back Between 2-10 Times As Much As They Put Into It, Not To Mention The Number Of Top Of The Line Training Facilities, Look At The Number Of American Stadiums That Have Been Demolished: Griffith Stadium 1911-1961, Crosley Field 1912-1970, Qualcomm Stadium 1967-2003, LA Wrigley Field 1926-1961, Kingdome Opened The Same Year As The Big O 1977 And Was Demolished 2000. At Least The Cities Of Montreal And Athens Were Able To Write Off The Expenses Of The Building Within The Fallowing 5 years.

Then how come Montreal is still paying for it? Athens was dead, did you watch the games? There were plenty of hotel rooms and tickets for the events. I feel bad for the Greeks they will be paying for this for years. Would you travel to Africa to watch the games? I wouldn’t. I think your underestimating the cost of these events.

Let’s say New York got the games. New York is so big and already have enough tourists that it would have no impact on the economy. Most of the hotels their are booked anyways. The police department would be receiving so much overtime too, all that comes from taxes.

For instance we had the Democratic National Convention in Boston, and it closed the city for days. Its not the rich that suffer its the average joe who works in Boston. They shut down the highways and limited transportation, the city lost millions all because they wanted to boost their ego.

Montreal payed it off years ago. It still took a redicilous amount of time but it has been done.

Thats why i said its not worth having the games. It wasn’t worth it.

Athens did lose A SHIT LOAD OF MONEY in their games, they should have got in 1996 cuz they money that their now in det for was mostly cuz of the extra security need cuz of the 9/11 scare.

But I’m sure that they and Montreal said it was worth it in the end, and Athen would like to do it again when they have the chace. Montreal has had it once and like Melboune, would rather let another city in their country have it.

Japan: hell ya! Osaka or Nayoga!
South Africa: though I don’t like SA, Cape Town would great for the Olyimipics
Nigeria: OK, I don’t really know about Lagos though
Algeria: NO! I like the country, but it has an Islamic extrimist issuse at the moment, no a good chice!
Europe: will not be consided for 2016 since a city in the contentit has 2012, but Paris in 2020 is a very likly sisnario
Canada: I have a good feeling about 2016 being Toronto’s year to host! after that, then Edmonton and QC can try for the winter games. Winnipeg is content with the two pan american games it hosted, so don’t expect the games there.
Australia: Look for the Aussie’s to be back in the hunt next decade, here is to the next games in Brisbane! and maybe another city in Ocenania might try for the games.

Well, Baseball and Softball have been officially droped from the olyimipic program and 2008 will be the last time for the sport to be played on the olyimpic level for now…


I’m glad that Baseball is gone cuz of two tings. One, the fuck ing MLB wouldn’t let it’s players play in the Olyimpics and cause it’s death as an Olympic sport, and Two, since that Criket isn’t is Olyimpic sport and maybe never will be cuz it takes forever (unless one day is the only one played), this puts the sports on even footing. I also think that there are way too many American team sports in the Olyimipics (Basketball, Baseball, etc.) and not ehough international team sports (Rugby is a great example).

However, Softball I think shouldn’t have been cut but oh well!