Olympics in Montreal in 2016?

What are your people in power thinking? I hope they don't intent to use the Big O again! Go for the Pan-American or Commonweath games, and let Toronto or South America host 2016.

My 0.02

Wait a second Kanga Montreal is bidding for the 2016 games?? Good Luck i thought Vancouver has 2010 games. There is no way Canada will land it right after Vancouver.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Summer_Olympics#Montreal]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Summe ... s#Montreal[/url]

Yeah, that was the idea of Mayor Tremblay to bid for an Olympic event in the future, because he taught he did a "good job" with th FINA stuff last summer...even if the event went in the red for 4 millions.

A Poll showed that Mtlers don't want another '76 fiasco, Big O will finally be payed this year...30 years too late !

I don't want the Olympics in MTL !

Kanga just wants to keep the Big O !

I think Xgamer sums up things pretty accurately.

Kanga please don’t quote anything from wikipedia!
Its open source and anyone can make an entry regardless of its validity!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! the PST is bad enough as is we dont need a super PST to pay for the next one

Is it safe for me as an American to say Montreal will never hold the Olympics again. i think Montrealers are smart enough not to take on the burden of holding the games and paying for them years down the road. I think all you have to tell the people is remember the Big Owe.

"Fooled you once same on you, fooled me twice shame on me."

remember the BIg O!
remember the alamo!

did you not read my post? I don't want the Olympics in Montreal. peroid. it's Toronto's time to bear the burdon.

and if Montreal is looking for something to fix the Big O, Molson, or have a new stadium (which the Al's would be able to play in all three), get the Pan America games or the Commonweath Games.

but the Big O should be turned into a landmark for Montreal, like the WTC, CN Tower, Sydney Opera House, etc, cuz it's days as a stadium are almost over.

Ture, but there Olympics stuff is accurate.

I think the Big O should be converted into a pile of rubble


it still might be useful for other things you know, like movies, etc.

No its not ist the eysore of the city much like the CN tower is the eyesore of Toronto

Kanga i was just as ignorant as you thinking its a work of art, its more like a piece of work. Take the trip to Montreal and take the tower tour and stadium tour about $14.00 Canadian, which is the student rate, just have your Georgia Southern ID. I swear we are going to start a fund for you to take a plane to Montreal and see this thing. Better yet head up for an Al's game. You will like the tower, but the stadium is dark, depressing, and is a typical early 70's disaster. It's worse than Veterans Stadium or 3 rivers, i wouldn't trade the old Foxboro Stadium for it, at least Foxboro had great sightlines.

Proposals for the Big O

  1. Make a hollywood movie at the end have the Big O explode. At least have the filmmakers pay for the demolition.

  2. Make a large indoor ice skating rink

  3. MLS soccer team

4 Create an indoor race track. Like with Bristol, TN. The roof would need to be removed. This i think could happen

  1. Make another Casino :lol:

There was talk about moving the casino there and there was a movie about terrorists planing to blow up a stadium that was filmed at the Big O
Unfortunately the Good guys won and saved the building!

I vote for #2, saves the building and turns it into a landmark, the biggest skating rink in the world.

YA know what?
They did that one year! They made a skating ring along the Oval!
Kinda cool!

so would you be in favor of doing that pemanaly Ro?

the building is a work of art IMO, don't want to see it be turned to rubble, and then there is the subway below it... (or so I've been told)

still how that the Al's play in a bigger stadium than Molson with at least 30,000, expandable to 45,000 for the GC.

You have also been told that there is not a subway beneath it!!!!!!

The 2 pins are the stations, the red line is where the subway is!!!!!

alright, I can see why people said that demolision would be an issue.

but that pic is great! look how beutiful the building is! like the Sydney Opera House! but here my next billiant question, why does it look like it's out in the desert? like in Phoenix or something... (the ground to the upper left of the Big O looks like sand)