Olympic Stadium

Does anyone know whats going on with the stadium will it get a new roof?

A contract was awarded to CIMA+ over two years ago but since then nothing has been done. Its in pitiful shape and if something isn't done in the next couple years it will likely have to be torn down. Water is infiltrating everywhere and corroding the structure. over two tonnes of concrete is falling every year. The roof is estimated at 300 million to repair. five million for the mast. 27 million for the underground parking (The largest in Canada btw).

Nothing will be done until the government cleans up the corruption in the engineering and construction industry in quebec.
This could take five years IMO and it may be too late to save the structure.

This story explains potential options:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Henry+Aubin+Holes+roof+meet+holes+logic/8722731/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/H ... story.html[/url]

And 3 prominent MTl. business people still believe in the area:

[url=http://www.cjad.com/CJADLocalNews/entry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10574854]http://www.cjad.com/CJADLocalNews/entry ... D=10574854[/url]

An engineer from the RIO said a few years ago that the Big Owe is a monument to incompetence and corruption. Everything about it is a black eye to Quebec. During its construction, trucks were driving materials in and out without ever being delivered, there was a construction strike before the Olympics, and the construction was never completed, it has had numerous problems ever since, its total operating and construction costs were HYPER inflated, the sound system sucks...

I think EVERYONE should seriously petition this stupid government to tear it down, hire GREAT architects, RELIABLE construction firms (yes, there are a few out there!), and build a new one fit for our climate! They did so in Toronto - that roof actually opens and retracts! Conclusion? It CAN be done!

It would be a shame but when you consider that the renovation costs would be over 500 million it might be easier and cheaper to build a new stadium that is a little smaller 45 000 seats. Something like Winnipeg just a little larger. right now the maintenance costs alone are 20 million a year, we aren't talking operating costs here. MAINTENANCE.

I do not know what the best answer to the question would bebut being one of the 3 biggest metro regions in Canada having a suitable venue that is enclosed for year round use would seem to be something to seriously take in mind when figuring out the process. Whether it be the fixed close metal roof at a cost starting at 300 million that should last for 50 years or the 500million start version of a retractable roof.
Olympic will still be one of the main venues for the WWC in 2015 and will be the main venue for the U20 WWC in 2014.
They are at the cross roads again as this roof is no longer feasable for any events and having an enclosed venue that can not be used in the winter months limits Montreal to 3rd fiddle behind the RC and BC place. Whether you like RC or not you have to admit that it is structurely sound, well kept up, and still of modern amenities that fans seek.
The Big O basically has little semblence of being a baseball venue anymore with Football Canadian or US football as well as soccer fitting nicely in. A permanent stage with a jumbotron a top the stage for concerts is in place and a 60 to almost 70 k venue for Football or Soccer not to mention 80K for concerts.
The province of Quebec and the Metro Montreal will basically be left behind soon if Olympic or a replacement can not be properly planned for any major events that the Canada or a bid for an event like a Grey cup.
Saputo is the only new stadium available and is 100% soccer specific meaning that it could host rugby or Lacrosse but not football.

Does this mean that the BO will not be available this season should the Als win in the Eastern Conference. If the concrete is falling it is most likely falling in all seasons..

The threat of snow or freezing rain would be a problem.

“Twenty-four hours prior to an event, if weather reports indicate that there will be snow, or any type of accumulation on the roof, the stadium is closed down and the event is cancelled,? Dufour said.

I guess this means the Big O will not be able to host an East Final as snow, is always possible in late October. Perhaps if we win the final current East title, tickets would have to be sold to the maximum of Molson Stadium. Then, they could be sold to others on the day of the game at the Big O. Sure makes planning difficult. In past I have enjoyed the thrill of being in such a huge stadium. I wonder is a roof removal would itself be too costly. Montreal would, in my opinion, deserves to have such a huge stadium.

Final word on the subject. Obama - you're looking to fire cruise missiles? There's a big fat, oval-shaped monstrosity in along Sherbrooke St. east. You'll save us the effort of having to dig a foundation for whatever may replace it!

You are exactly right with Montreal be one of the 3 biggest Metro regions in Canada by far Montreal does deserve to have a huge venue and being in Canada that is enclosed.
They have been skating by for some time now with the BIg O just being good enough to be part of major events in Canada or just for the city of Montreal. The almost annual home CFL playoff game, The ability to host some large soccer events. First couple of Imact home games as an MLS team drew about 60K, the Galaxy and Beckham, and even a MLS rivalry day where 40K plus attened for impact hosting TFC, Grey Cups, and now the central venue for the 2014 U20 Fifa WC as well as one of the three major venues for the WWC in 2015 along with a newly modern seating upgrade to Commonwealth as well as the new rectractable and upgrades needed to BC place.
The stadium will be limping into the WWC in 2015.
The dangers of the rrof have seemed to lead away from any Grye Cup plans by the CFL anytime soon. Both the City of Montreal and the Province of Quebec will stand to lose a lot of major events that will come to pump revenue into the city.
In this day in age where the Grey Cup is more popular than ever and an assured seelout of 60K plus would be for sure in Montreal as well as many many more people coming to the Grey cup each year for a week long of activities.
Montreal knows that somehting needs to be done but after many years of temporary solutions that have led to an indoor venue not being to host events in bad weather they have painted themselves into a corner

The irony in all this is that it is less usable than a stadium with no roof. It can’t be used during winter months and they can’t guarantee safe use of it beyond 24 hours. At some point soon they will have to decide to either tear it down and replace it or fix it. That Arena paid by tax payers in QC may become useful to Montreal’s proposals :slight_smile:

They can’t tear down the stadium.

Main reason, it would cost so much to tear down Olympic Stadium because of how it was designed into the transit system in Montreal and surrounding areas. It would actually cost more to tear down the stadium then give it a new roof.

You pretty much have to build a new roof at this point, its too expensive to tear it down.

Also, if you actually put the money into fixing the stadium (which is cheaper) you might have enough of a draw to move the Alouettes back in there with some big crowds, and possibly a return of the Expos which I’m always hearing faint whispers of as Montreal and Vancouver are the 2 largest markets without an MLB team.

I like the idea of a BC Place style renovation. But from what I've read the costs are ridiculous. But then again with what is happening with the Commission Charbonneau, none of the prices talked about can be taken seriously. Interestingly enough the Architect who designed it was smart enough to patent his creation and any change, repair, modification have to be approved by himself ! Which makes for interesting and complicated future for the stadium. Too expensive to tear down, too expensive to fix, to expensive to maintain (19 million a year) and the man who designed it, who's reputation was destroyed by the corruption that went on when it was built looking for payback... Nice...

As the stadium is falling apart as it is, at some point it will be necessary to close it completely. Given the concrete issues I am not certain that repairs are even possible, or would anything just be a bandaid solution. I guess it would take an extensive engineering study. I also wonder what degree of danger an uncontrolled collapse (eventually a possibility) would pose for the Metro. Guess Montreal needs another Olympics for fund what is needed.

Just in savings from the cleanup in the construction industry the province can afford a new stadium paid in full , every year from now going forward.

Maybe Montreal can borrow the approach Ottawa used for their stadium renovations.

A public-private partnership where the private side gets to build commercial and residential developments on some city/province/feds owned land and in return makes a significant contribution to building a new stadium, and just as important manages the construction process.

What ever they decide what to do they will have two seasons to figure it out. @014 it will be the main venue for the U20 WWC and in 2015 it will be one of the main venues being used throughout the month long event being used all the way up until the semis that will be at Comonwealth and the finals at BC.
I guess at that point they will have to think long and hard about making some more concrete and lasting upgrades, such as at least a permanent metal roof that can be expected to last as well as safe structural repairs that will last.
If not Montreal will be looking at not being included in events like this or another Grey Cup to go along with the ALS playoffs or an impact large crowd game or a some world class soccer friendlies or even planning and international event with National teams such as Canada, US, France etc. Co host a pool of the Gold cup, or have the impact be part of the international club tournament which drew extremely well this season with only the Galaxy being the only club team from North America.
All events that will bring crowds of fans to the city and the economy.
To me it just seems almost sad not to see the third of the big three Metros, along with Vancouver and Toronto not to have an enclosed lare capacity venue to be able to host any number of events during any time of the year.