Olympic Stadium

Happening now: Al's versus blue team, new field turf, estimated forty thousand spectators.

Why do they continue to play at McGill?

Now I've heard everything. Scott Lee from CBC was talking about the Als DB's and how they have scouted out how to defend against Bishops' passes.

"The Als DB's once again are all over Bishops balls".


Come to the Grey Cup next year, take a look at the neighbourhood around the Big Owe, and you'll see why they play downtown.

I might just take you up on that offer. I haven't been to Montreal for a few years and never to an Als game at the Big Owe.

I wonder if Russ has room on his floor for a bunch of passed out TiCat fans?

If the blue team makes it to this year's GC I'm going to puke. Go Bombers.

Is it a rough area or something?

Not a rough area per se, it's just stuck in a residential neighbourhood quite a ways from downtown (i.e., quite far from good bars, restaurants, etc.).

I still think its silly that they use Molson over the Big O. There are 40 thousand + at this game.. Doesn't the team like to make money?

The O hardly gets used anymore so you would think the rent would be cheap.

I’d like to know the same thing, Mcgill is a dump and overrated along with their fan support. Maybe they did their research and found that they’d still only average 20k at the big O and whatever happened to their plans to expand the capacity at Mcgill?

LOL and he seemed quite upset about it.

I'd be shocked if any defensive player or coach ever talks to Lee ever again after that game.

If 44 thousand fans show up at the O for the last home game of a well below average season for Montreal it can only be a good thing to move back there full time.

Molson stadium looks so bush league its crazy. The O is a much more professional sport venue and it has cost the city over 1 billion to date so they should get some use out of it.

Since the Expos left town a perfectly good domed stadium sits there unused. Insanity!

Has anyone here attended Als' games at both stadia?

Can you comapre the experience and atmosphere of each?

Over in the Als forum they are saying things like the O is hard to access and that even if you're in the first row your seat seams really far from the field.

I went to games in both. The big o is out of the way to far from the down town and is much like toronto in that you are to far from the action .The smaller park is much like hamilton good sight line seating close to the field.Also it is walking distance to all of the action down town. The only bad thing I saw was the end zone seats are to low you find it hard to see the yardage lines . Food was good and beer service was avilable the whole game and even after. Lots fans stayed after to have a drink and talk about the game.All and all we had a much better time in the smaller park.

I noticed from the CBC telecast from the O in Montreal how boring and sterile the attmosphere came accross to the TV viewer.

Was that because of the way the Als are playing right now or Anthony Calvillo in particular?

I found broadcasts from the Molson stadium to be livlier.

"Perception is reality "-(Shultz)

So that means Molson is a far better stadium experience to view a game .

Similar to comparing the game experience of Ivor Wynn to Rogers center....?

No comparison....

One is close to the field and alive .

The other is a hollow can of beans discarded on a street corner......hmmmm :cowboy:

The question that I emphasized above ties into the answer that I was going to suggest to the original question here. I was going to suggest that the reason the Als play the majority of their games at Percival Molson Stadium instead of the Big Owe is because of economics. More specifically, I'd say it is about supply and demand. With Olympic Stadium having a much larger capacity, there would have to be much demand for the supply of tickets to be sold to have games played there. With that game being the last regular season game of the year, and with it being against the blue team, there would be much demand for tickets. I don't think attendances for other games would not be nearly as high, and in fact would be higher if played at McGill, for reasons already mentioned in this thread.

When the CFL returned to Montreal in 1997, all their games were played at Olympic Stadium. And I recall that there were not even five-figure attendances there. I'm not saying that would necessarily happen if the team moved back there. But for Montreal, it looks like it is a good situation for them to have two different stadia, depending on how much demand there may be for tickets.

The Big Owe can be quite lively when the Als are playing well. With all the concrete in there, the sound really reverberates when the crowd gets noisy. Hell, I've been to Expos games where it was VERY loud with only 15,000 in the park. If it seemed a bit dead yesterday, I would guess it was on account of the poor effort put forth by the home team.

You are pretty far from the action, though; as far as big domed stadiums go, the Rogers Centre is a better place to watch a game.

Olympic Stadium is pretty convenient to get to as Montreal's subway system has a stop right at the stadium. The location leaves much to be desired, however, as watering holes/restaurants are few and far between (it was built in a residential area).

I think what the Als are doing now for their home games (Molson Stadium, then once at the Big Owe in the regular season plus a playoff game) is ideal. Because Molson Stadium is so small it creates strong demand and is a tough ticket to get, so people snap them up ASAP.

And yes, for all its charm and the fact it saved the team from death, Molson Stadium is somewhat of a dump - the endzone seats give poor sight lines (to be charitable) and it is extremely cramped underneath the stands (a beer and a p*ss at halftime can easily be a 30-minute ordeal).

The problem with the Big O is that it is a lousy place to watch both football and baseball. I have been to games at both Mcgill and the Big O and the experience/atmosphere is far greater at Mcgill. You are outside, one side has a view of the city and the other a view of the Mountain. The Big O is in the east end of the Island and like someone mentioned is in a residential part of town. I live a 15 minute walk to the stadium and I would rather go downtown to Mcgill. There is no place to eat or grab a beer anywhere near it and you have to go back downtown after the the game.

The reason they always get a good showing for the fan day game is because you cant get a ticket for the reg season and for that 1 game its better than nothing.

Take a look at this pic and tell me its a good place to watch a game.

I lived in Montreal for a while. Olympic stadium - like the Skydome - IS a boring place to watch. You're far away and the crowd noise gets lost.

Molson stadium keeps the ticket price jacked and the crowds sold out. It's just the opposite and it helped make the team feel like a hot item again.

Something in between would be best.

Skydome is a palace compared to the big O’ no. Went there for the first time last week. By far the worst stadium I have ever been in. I can see why they left this place. You are sooo far away from the field. There is so much concrete floor between the field and stands. Over 25 yards to be exact in the one end zone. It looks like an NFL field in Skydome. The place is a concrete monstriousity. A rectractable roof that doesn’t work any more, sound that didn’t work until the 2nd quarter, dust caked on all the windows, weeds growing in between the concrete cracks, one of the most expensive stadiums in history for all this?? When’s the dynamite showing up?

im pretty sure they have movable seats at the big o and could easily move them closer to the field, they should do what is being proposed in toronto and sink the field level in order to add more seats in closer proximity to the field.