Olympic Stadium turf

Currently I'm not in Canada, so I couldn't see highlights of the Argonauts-Alouettes game. I remember that they sold the artificial turf of the Big O to B.C. Place Stadium in Vancouver, so ¿in what turf they played this weekend in Montreal? ¿In the old Asrtro-Turf, similar of the surface they have in Calgary and Saskatchewan, or in the state-of-the-art Field Turf, which was the expensive surface they sold to B.C., and also uses Toronto and Otttawa?

the green carpet in calgary

One thing I was puzzled about re: the game in Montreal on Saturday. During the TSN "in studio" segments for the Bombers/Lions game, they had a feed of Jock Climie from the Big Uh-Oh, and I saw something that made me scratch my head. They had the field sprinklers on in the stadium.

Now, this is the error in logic I'm having a hard time understanding: if its a green carpet over a concrete surface, then why in the blue hell were they watering the bloody field? It's not grass, people!

to get the blood off :stuck_out_tongue:

the new turf looks great!!!!

its not new turf Kanga. So what kind of ridiculous post is that. Please refrain from posting stuff like this. It clogs the board up. No one cares about post counts.


I'm talking about the new turf in the Big O which is hast to be new becase the old stuff was taken to BC, and it looks new.

For the last thing, I'm not posting just to increase my post count, I'd rather do other things than that.

well since it has been posted previously that is the old stuff. And I know you read it cause you posted right after it. Also the reference from above saying "ithe green carpet" refers to it being old stuff. And if you watched the game they showed the seems that are still showing on the turf. the "new" turf looks like crap, is hard as a rock, causes injuries, and generally is crap.

fine, Billy, no needs to kill my opinion and amke clams that I'm posting only to higher my post score.

Everyones figured out that you just post random comments to increase your post count. You never give any analysis or create an in-depth argument on any topics brought up. And most of the time you're posting useless information that isn't true, ex. "the new turf looks great". If you claimed to have seen any of the "new turf"; therefore, watched the game, you would have seen how poor it was, and how the announcers were complaining about it every 5 minutes. As well, a player was being injured almost every five minutes. You've lost A LOT of credibility with that post, not that you had any before though...

Ha ha ha…good one.

The turf they had in Montreal for this past Saturday was the same crappy carpet they used for the GC in 2001. Hell, it was so poorly laid out, the commentators were talking about the open and uneven seems it had; citing that if anyone got a cleat (although, I doubt anyone would've needed them) in a open seemed rutt, they could possibly have a serious injury.

Hmmmm, I think the Als might've just found one of the first non-ref related excuses of the season. :lol:

this discussion is at the montreal alouettes section too.

they soak the carpet with the sprinkler, then apply soap and scrub it down to remove spit and blood.

and the turf was OLD, kanga....the broadcasters said it during the game, AND the second post in this thread confirmed it was the OLD turf like they use in CALGARY.....why do u continue to post mindless comments?.....billy soup isn't the only one losing patience with reading your dumb comments

The Als and their fans don't make excuses. We lose because we don't execute well, because our DBs are of a lesser quality than ever before, because our coach makes ridicule decisions at the worst possible moments, because we are indisciplined and get too many penalties, because a one-hand tackle should be your very last ressource and not the common way to attack an offender, etc.

These are not excuses. These are REASONS why we lose. The difference between the two is you are responsible for the reasons you lose and you can work on improving these areas. Excuses are about relaying the problem on something out of your control, like refs, weather, injuries, etc.

I would like to add that I rarely look for excuses, but more reasons for why the riders continue to lose. I know most of us rider fans bring up excuses, but there's no point in that.

I can't comment on the field as I was switching back and forth between the Huskie-Ram game on sportsnet and the Argos-Als game, and quite honestly wasn't paying enough attention to the field and/or commentary. I did notice the ads were different than most stadiums, but that was about it.

Is that the field they'd be using in the playoffs? I guess there's not much point in getting the good FieldTurf if they only play there 2-ish times a year, but I remember as a kid getting tackled by my little brother on the BC Place astroturf, and that hurt then. I imagine getting tackled by a 300+ lb man would be even less good.

The last season the Expos were playing in Olympic Stadium they did have the new field turf there. Since there is no team playing there on a regular basis they cannot afford to have the field turf so they put down the old astro turf.

The reson they were watering the astro turf was probably to soften it up and give it a little more grip and flexibility.

Does the place still get used for things like conventions and trade shows, etc? Even if it did, I'm surprised they didn't have/take the time to put the turf down properly if it was as bad as it sounds it was.

Or is the turf just that beat up that they couldn't do much better with it?

kman7, they were watering the turf AFTER the game, so it wasnt to help with grip and flexability.

im assuming they woulda put the turf down the best they could've, but it was so old and worn down, that it STILL had seams showing.

so it's literally the turf they had in the place prior to the field turf, which was subsequently sold to BC Place?

I wonder how bad it has to get before it's some sort of safety issue, you wouldn't want to see a guy end his career cause of bad turf. Maybe if they're going to keep going back there at the end of each year (plus playoffs) it might be a good idea to invest in new turf again.