Olympic Stadium to get a new roof

and yet they spend 5.5 billion on SOFI

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That sounds like a great idea. Walk away tax payers. Just walk away.

Let private investors take over the entire stinkin’ mess for free and let them turn it into a money maker that everyone can use year round. In the distant future this money-pit (dare I say it), this millstone around Montreal’s neck… might it ultimately become a source of tax revenue?!!


you are fun ro, but you are most fun when you are comparing things like SoFi stadium to Olympic Stadium.

I’m sure in your head that comparison made sense but…well, to the rest of us.

Not so much so.


By jove @Maaax , once again I think you have found the solution!

Indeed somebody out there somewhere in the whole wide world with unexplained billions of dollars would desire such a great project for…uh …public relations purposes!

It has been said that I know people who know people who know those people.

I’ll go ahead make some calls.

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Made perfect sense…
What does SOFI have? a football Field 5.5 billion

What does the Big oh have
Football field
Olympic sized pool
Olympic sized diving center
World Class Biosphere
World Class Planetarium
870 Million to maintain

And your condensing attitude is neither required not appreciated

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you forgot
200 000 square feet of office space
5800 indoor parking spaces
2 subway stations


You are correct and a metro service garage
And even though it was implied but not mentioned

a 550 foot observations deck
And also a 900 square meter space for shows and exibitions

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I can’t ever imagine Drapeau’s pyramid being torn down. If Fusion energy ever becomes viable this beach idea might be a good one. Could even name it Giza on the St. Lawrence.


And if it starts to tip over they could call it “The Leaning Tower of Giza”.

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have a good day ro :wink:

We can tear out the parkade underneath and make the waterpark 200 feet deep and put sharks in it too.

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when demolition was still being looked at there were some creative ways and places to get rid of that concrete.

unfortunately outside of filling the st lawrence river rebuilding Olympic Stadium was the only option.

Between that and the ile aux tourtes bridge project, some real $$$'s being spent in Montreal.

Good for that city. It’s a wonderful place to spend time.

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But then who will we throw in there with those sharks?
/Looks at US election thread

Alas, sorry if too soon?

//Kicks empty boxes and starts car
///Sips drink and speeds off

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And in reality, you also have in close proximity
The Maurice Richard Arena
Pierre Charbonneau Community Center
Cinéma Starcité Montréal
Couple of skate parks
Lots of things to either protect or destroy and replace

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No comparison though. SoFi was built entirely with private money. Apples to oranges.

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Hardly apples and oranges…The big oh is publicly owned and the repairs will not be paid privately

Huh? The Big Owe was built with public money and continues to be financed with public money and is a drain on the public purse. SoFi is entirely private.

Please explain how they are remotely similar.

A point was made that that much money would not be spend again…it was

Wasn’t it inherent in the point that it referred to public money?

Who would make a point telling others what they could do with their own money? That has no relevance to the discussion of Olympic Stadium which continues to Hoover public money.

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if that is what you inferred…