Olympic Stadium to get a new roof

What got me at tha,t time was he came off like he had any say in the matter…if TB came to Montreal, he would have to be part of the deal, they would have to partner with him as if he had all the rights to baseball in Mtl.

MLB can grant a new team…a team can move to Mtl and he can be left out in the cold

He was talking like he had a group & stadium plans ready to go for either expansion or relocation. But that wasn’t the case.


Many of us would love the Expos back in Montreal, nevertheless, but that’s a very difficult one on many levels. Is it even worth it to Montreal along the lines of is it worth it for Toronto to obtain an NFL team with an NFL calibre stadium? I don’t have a clue on either unless there is some “money to burn” on both the public and private sides in Canada on these situations, and I don’t see this at all at this time. The financials on both of these is way, way up there within this economy. Much easier for Toronto for instance to get a WNBA team with existing arenas galore. This was an easy one and just waiting to happen. Facilities are already in place. Basically a no-brainer with a Tanenbaum right there.

Don’t want to start a new thread on the renos to FirstOntarioCentre in Hamilton so I’ll put this here although admit maybe not the best place but still, 2 links first to uses of FirstOntarioCentre and secondly just how much concerts are so valuable to arenas, Oak View Group doing the renos in Hamilton at FirstOntarioCentre, and perhaps something Olympic Stadium and renos can learn from:

“Maybe we can do a Raptors game or two pre-season, maybe we can do a Leafs game or two pre-season,” he said. “We really compliment (MLSE chairman) Larry Tanenbaum for thinking about the WNBA (with a team expected to start play in 2026). Can we play some WNBA games there, maybe? Canada Basketball needs a permanent home where they do their qualifying games and friendly games. That could be an opportunity. Obviously, Hockey Canada and what they’re going to need ultimately for all the various tournaments.”

“OVG said that an arena can “generate twice as much net income from hosting a concert” than an NBA or NHL game”


this is good news. we get expansion to Quebec and rival game plays in Olympic stadium.

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[quote=“PierreFleus, post:512, topic:90637”]

this is good news. we get expansion to Quebec and rival game plays in Olympic stadium.

[/quote]having a quebec team is a must to add to the montreal rival
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Mais est-ce que les amateurs de Québec veulent d’une équipe de la LCF? S’il y en avait une, est-ce qu’ils la supporteraient? Rien n’est moins sûr.

Il y a un marché pour le Rouge et Or. Ça ne veut pas dire qu’il y en a un pour une équipe de la LCF.

Sure, there is a market for the Rouge et Or but you failed to mention this market is very small and my bet is quite less than any CFL team. Prove me wrong on this statement though… How much money does the Rouge et Or bring to Quebec City? Hey look, I don’t think CFL teams bring much money to their respective cities. fair enough, but I would think the Rouge et Or would be less than any CFL team in this regard. As I say though, bring me numbers… I would like to compare the Rouge et Or to the Remparts to the “value” of the city there, just like I might say the London Knights of the OHL are actually worth more on the open market than the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL, certainly worth more than the Argos in Toronto that are just some sort of a tax Canadian write-off to MLSE as a “Canadiana” thingy for the tax situation. This is what I think but I don’t have the evidence/figures to be honest. I could be very “left field” on this, but I don’t think so, Unfortunately evidence numbers that are reliable will not be found with what I’m talking about.

What the TiCats and Bob Young need to do and the City of Hamilton is make THF more “enclosed” to compete as more of an indoor venue with concerts and luxury seating for the masses. THF needs big awnings to control rain and such compared with what the Oak View group is doing with FOC and what Buffalo is doing with their new stadium with most of the seats under awnings. THF is going to be “dust to dust” I’m afraid on the enterainment market soon in S Ontario but I think they know this in Hamilton. But mega millions need to go into THF to compete with the Oak View Group, I think Bob Young is donzo unless he collaborates with Oak View or is able to put very classy awning on THF otherwise THF is going to look more and more like a glorified U.S. high school stadium.

I would like to see the luxury boxes at THF money lines compared with an amateur such figure with the London Knights. That would be one interesting figure money-wise let me tell you. Don’t know which one has the upper hand on this. Mind you I’m sure some NCAA teams in football and basketball have more money generator figures than some NFL teams if you take out the TV/digital figures.

Where I think the TiCats and Bob Young went wrong or didn’t anticipate was the Oak View Group and I believe now the Cats and Bob Young are screwed as to how the major dollars will be made in Hamilton and surrounding area in entertainment in the next coming years and decades. They simply can’t compate with Tim and Oak View as I see it. Donzo. Which is why, one reason, Bob Young has given up some portion of the team, if I’m not mistaken. He knows he can’t compete on this stage here in S Ontario. FOC is going to be right up there in S Ontario with entertainment venues. THF can’t compete on this one. Done. THF needs as we speak, mega millions to compete. Not going to happen I would say. What Tim L is doing with FOC not even considering this with an NHL team as he has indicated, is putting Bob Young and his company with entertainment here in S Ontario, in the dust. Love you Bob but you don’t have dollars on this one I’m afraid nor the City of Hamilton dollars to back you up to compete with Oak View. THF needs mega millions in this new environment here in S Ontario to be relevant as the future is unfolding with respect to arenas and stadiums here, in S Ontario. I hope the TiCats and Argos can stay relevant with respect to entertainment bucks and respect here in S Ontario over the coming years, my bet though is I would not bet on that at all. Thank goodness for Can-Con and owners like MLSE and Bob Young and of course without TSN, the CFL would be in the drain, not just down the drain but literally in the drain at this point.

To further muddy the waters here, is Colette Watson from Rogers incorrect with this recent statement?:
"“We’re already home to Canada’s #1 sports network, and these partnerships solidify our leadership in entertainment with a diverse media portfolio of TV’s most iconic brands,” added Watson.

Montreal and Olympic Stadium, with all the money going into this venue compared with Bell Centre and most “value for the buck” for entertainment on all levels, don’t know.


Bob Young does not need to make the stadium more expensive by trying to upgrade it, or by adding more corporate suites. He needs to continue to make it affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Bob understands that. Bob understands Hamilton.

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Fair enough but that type of thinking on the part of Bob Young, if that is accurate, makes him and the TiCats look more minor league than ever in S Ontario with respect to the entertainment situation. I don’t think this is what Bob was thinking way back at the time, mind you Fred Eisenbergerg wasn’t a Bob Young fan to begin with and that was simply a recipe for shall we say, mediocrity at best with how the stadium etc turned out. Just bad timing for Bob on so many levels, sadly considering as you say Hammer, he is a Hamilton area guy to boot. Bought the Cats at the wrong time being wrong time meaning with the wrong City of Hamilton Mayor. But that is the past, and such is as such.
Right now it’s Tim at the plate with Oak View as the king in waiting for entertainment on a big time level in Hamilton. Bob Young and the Cats and the City of Hamilton, THF is afterall the City of Hamilton’s stadium, are simply no longer in the discussion on any meaningful level.
The Oak View group is going to, IMHO, blow the Cats and Bob Young, out of the water if the renos pan out with FOC as planned. On the more “major league” entertainment platform. Don’t get me wrong, THF with little to no renos will remain an excellent venue but on a more minor league level, that’s all. And on a nice local, domestic level which is nice come to think of it. Like a cottage winery. But that is not how Oak View thinks, at all. They are thinking Taylor Swift material, Bob Young is thinking how do we entertain at our venue Taylor Swifts “set up the stagers” staff. :wink:

I was just talking to a guy at a Vancouver bar about this the other week. Isn’t this a sign that the Expos could return or the whole part-time Rays rumours have some truth behind them?

MLB would be desperate to put a team in a football first stadium like the Big O. Montreal and Quebec would have to do some major renos along the lines of what Rogers has done with the actual seating and stadium configuration ie basically making the stadium an “only” baseball stadium. And that is not going to happen. No Grey Cups, no football, no soccer no cricket, nothing but baseball. Not going to happen. Which means no MLB team for Montreal at this point in time ie. next decade or so. It’s a different thingy compared with Toronto and the Rogers Centre. Right now the Rays are at least playing in a baseball-only facility.

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MLB/Expos returning to Montreal would require a BASEBALL stadium … Olympic Stadium MIGHT do for a season AT MOST, in an emergency.


‘Emergency’ is an excellent word as if all sh… t comes down with a franchise, say like the Baltimore Colts moving out of town in a van in the middle of the night, money talks more than anything else, in a pinch, or in an ‘emergency’. Point well taken. Yup, this stuff can happen, even in the major leagues or maybe best said “only” in the major leagues:

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My daughter goes to University of Western in London. They have a stadium, granted it’s not a model state of the art stadium, but it has the foundation that can be expanded. I believe it holds around 8000 and I’m no architect but it looks like it could easily be expanded. Look expansion is going nowhere in Halifax or Quebec. Why not explore London. The greater London area has around half million people , and growing. There are no cities in Canada that are begging for a CFL team, so if they want to expand it’s a case of build it and hope they come. Can London get 20000 fans a game, I don’t know but if they want a tenth team they are going to have to take a chance.

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An important question/factor (beyond does anyone want to own a franchise for London) might be how many fans Hamilton draws from London and the environs.

I would assume very few

I’m from London, born and raised there and didn’t leave until I was in my early 20’s but go back to visit family and friends now and again. It would be great to see London have a team but I believe 3 teams in S Ontario is 1 too many. Maybe the Argos move there, don’t know if that’s possible. TiCats seem to be on solid footing. I think a London-Hamilton rivalry would be fantastic. But then the question of funding comes up. Maybe MLSE continues to own the Argos, move them to London and provide funds for the stadium upgrade. Apart from the track which I’m not a big fan of as part of a football stadium but certainly not a deal-breaker I don’t believe, Western Alumni Stadium is on beautiful grounds in London on the university campus. Would be great but I very much doubt this will happen. But then again, maybe I’m wrong with my thinking and 3 teams in such close vicinity to each other would work, don’t know. Don’t know of any interest in London for ownership though. I still think Quebec City is the best place to expand if it’s possible.
Going to be interesting with the upgraded roof on the Big O if the Als will end up playing there, at least some games.

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Folks we are getting way off topic and getting into expansion talk. There are too many expansion threads to count already. Let’s please restrict this to discussion about Olympic Stadium, if there is still anything further to discuss.


Je pense que vous en avez beaucoup à apprendre sur les habitants de la ville de Québec. C’est un autre monde que celui des autres villes canadiennes, Montréal y compris.

Oui, il y a des supporteurs du football canadien à Québec. La question est de savoir si ces gens achèteraient suffisamment de billets pour faire survivre une équipe. À moins d’une étude de marketing sérieuse qui le démontre, je pense que personne ne devrait présumer que ce serait un succès. Et je ne parle pas d’une étude bidon comme celle qui avait conclu à la viabilité d’une équipe de la LNH à Québec en posant parmi les prémisses que les gens viendraient de Moncton pour assister aux parties. C’était d’un ridicule consommé.

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Sages propos, et message compris. Je pense que tout a été dit à ce propos, y compris un bon lot d’inepties.

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