Olympic Stadium to get $166 million in upgrades

[u]Olympic Stadium and park to get $166M facelift[/u]

[b]- The Olympic Stadium and the surrounding park is getting a facelift, and an expensive one at that.

The government of Quebec is alloting $166 million towards the project, $43 million will be for the tower where more than 1,000 Desjardins workers are expected to occupy six of the 11 floors in 2018.

The Big O's roof, which has been falling apart for years, will also get some repairs.
Another $98 million has been set aside to upgrade the park's facilities.

Earlier this year, an infrastructure report tabled in the provincial budget said the building needs $220 million in repairs over the next decade.

The stadium opened in 1976, costing nealy $1.5 billion to construct. It took 30 years to pay off.[/b]

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98 million for trees ! 40 million to patch the roof. Wow !

Hmm. Interesting.

I'm a fan of this building but never having lived in PQ means I've never had to make (direct) payments on it....maybe I'd feel differently if I lived in Montreal.

First time I got to be a spectator was during the 1976 Olympics, day 1 of the decathlon and got to see an incredible performance by (then) Bruce Jenner...quite a day. I also got to witness a number of Expos games over the years and one of the better Grey Cups I've attended, the '08 game between Calgary and Montreal. Not sure it's worth it but glad to see them invest in it.

Might be fun to have a Grey Cup back in Montreal.

Unfortunately, Reno's are probably for baseball and concerts.

I've never seen a football game there how are the sight lines? It would be great in the Alouettes could begin to play some playoff games back there. If they're gonna reno it I'm sure they're doing it for everything including the return of baseball.

Gotta be a short term solution to attract an MLB team without a doubt and I stress short term. Basically nothing wowish, along the lines of what Buffalo has done with the Ralph with the hopes in the longer term of a new stadium. Bandaid stuff although significant in it's own right with the motivations involved with both cities along different lines.

There is hardly no pro sports being played in the Big-O. Football is played at McGill stadium, Soccer is played at Saputo stadium and baseball has been gone for a few years. The current demographic of Montreal will not support a new baseball team. What have these government bureaucrats have been dreaming.

The Big-O had a bad reputation among baseball players as being a cold and damp place to play. So because of this the Expos could not hold onto players for very long. The 82 game home schedule was tough especially for outfielders.

The Big-O is located in the eastern part of Montreal an area with a historic economic decline, thanks to the Quebec government for another one of it's miscalculations. They thought that the Big-O would bring more economic activity to the area, that never happened and thus the Big-O stands out there like a sore thumb.

Take a look at an aerial view of the Big-O, looks like big monstrosity in the middle of a shanty town.

200,000 people over 4 games(preseason) say otherwise

The stadium had nothing to do with it...crap owners and fire sales did

The Quebec government had nothing to do with its location, the City of Montreal decided. Its a residential area and economic decline has nothing to do with anything. Its surrounded by Montreal's botanical gardens, one of the city's largest parks and a golf course. The area includes the biodome, the planetarium, Saputo Stadium, the Maurice Richard Arena and 2 metro(subway)stations

The main reason it was a bad place was because there are not enough bars and restaurants in the area, not enough places to go before and after the game. It is certainly not a shanty town

It would only be 1 million for me and a big box of Dynamite. Take the 165 million left over an build a decent stadium .
166 million is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Is it really worth it??

Why does't the Quebec and Federal Government get together and spend a $166 million dollars on a new football stadium for Quebec City and expansion in the CFL in Canada and the Province of Quebec with two teams in that province?

I guess NOT, that would make too much sense and we don't want any of that now do we????

Politicians = Lack of Vision but lots of fun spending Tax Payers money!!