Olympic Stadium - New Turf, New Attitude

I love the new turf at "The Big O." They finally got new turf, its too bad the alouettes, had to wait for Quebec Soccer to buy the new turf for the under-20 world cup. Also it makes perfect sense to move the alouettes entire operations into the big o and takeover that stadium. The alouettes already play their playoff games/ fan day game and the grey cups are played there, so what is the point of McGill? Also in the big o, the team can increase their attendance and make more profit. Its a win-win situation. Also the AL's should pour money into renovating the big o, instead of mcgill, mcgill eliminates any inclement weather and ensures that the surface will be fine. Also if there Al's are proactive they could attempt to gain rights to play an annual cfl all-star game in montreal, since this new commish wants one badly, playing an end of season all-star game would work, because it could be indoors and many people love coming to montreal for the nightlife. Also the AL's should paint the endzones on the new turf and remove all of the advertisements off the field.

Not gonna happen
Its ok for I game a year plus playoffs but attendance wil not increase if they move back there.

Moving back there would be a disaster for the als. Unless you live in montreal and experienced the wonderful PST you will never understand just how bad a venue the olympic stadium is. First of all it is very remote and isolated making it very inconvenient for a lot of als fans to go there. Second of all the building is hideous it doesnt seem important but it is. Thirdly it is a reminder of everything that has gone wrong in this city, the poor construction, the massive debt caused to build it, and jeffry loria. The als are better off avoiding that.

I guarantee you that if the als decided next year to play every game at the olympic stadium attendance will at best be at the same numbers it is now except there will be 30 000 empty seats in addition to the 20 000 fans. That is the best case scenario if they move to olympic stadium

Seeing how I live a 15 minute walk from the Big Oh, I resent that. :lol:

But it is true, it is very inconvenient for the rest of the city to get there, and after the game, you have to go way back downtown to get to any good bars or restaurants

The Big O is a big ZERO! That place sucks I can't stand it. You can be sitting in the front row and you would feel the game is still so far away! The air also sucks, everytime i've been there Alouettes or Expos I left feeling like crap. Any seat at Mcgill stadium is great and the fans all come together, it's like one big family. If we move to the Big O and just say have a crappy year we will end up like the Expos. 2000 people attending games!

We even love in the snow here, and we would watch football in it too! What would the "apres football" Montreal nightlife be, without a few hours in the elements first!

good points all, i just wanted to create some discussion, im not from montreal, thats why i was unaware of all the problems, the only convenience to me was that it was close to the subway when i visited the place. But maybe the alouettes, could downsize the facility, and turn it into an indoor practice facility, that would be convenient for the team, because they could train there year round, hold tryout camps there, and even host a cfl combine. The Big O probably isnt a good venue for fans, but as a practice facility/trainig centre it would be beneficial, sicne they have the new turf.

big o is a piece of garbage.waste of space for the city of montreal.

They should paint it yellow and put a smile on it. You could see it from space

Its just such a shame all that tax payer money just sits there unused.

Is there no way to improve access to the area?

BTW… I don’t think the O is ugly at all. It has a very unique look. I have never been there but have seen many photos of the inside and out.

Can’t be any worse than BC Place.

Another thought…

If 44 thousand show up near the end of a well below average season for the Als I would think that shows a lot of interest to see games at the O.

BC Place is actually pretty good, i heard the BIG O was really poorly designed, BC Place between Skydome and big O is actually better for CFL games by miles. And actually i hope we never get rid of it, i love it. Its a great stadium.

44 Thousand show up because it is imposible to get tickets for games at Mcgill. Mcgill is downdown and has a much better atmosphere than the Big Oh. You wont get 44K for a reg season game if they were to move back

This was a regular season game..

But it currently is the only way a lot of fans get tickets. If every game was played there you would not see nearly as many fans at the games because of all the reasons listed above. It is a waste of tax payers money regardless of whther it is used or not. The only people that seem to like it are the people that didnt have to pay for that monstrosity. You have to be born and bred in montreal to truly understand why we hate that stadium

How can you quote me and not read what I said

I can see your point. Stadium actually does look good in postcards, pictures, heck even from space. However attend a game like I did for the first time last week and you soon find out it is the worst stadium to watch a football game in North America, I'm sure! I guess it has to be experienced to truly appreciate this concrete disaster. Beautiful city of Montreal got hosed on this thing that doesn't even have a working roof anymore!

Loved the city, hated the stadium. Can't wait to get back to Skydome.

you quebecrs whine too much, stop crying, if the big o is good enough for fifa youth world cup,then its decent for cfl football, montreal has jarry park tennis centre, bell centre, and the new saputo stadium, nice facilities, and you people still whine about the big o, it amazes me how greedy quebecers are, what else do you want? a new hockey rink in every backyard?

Have you ever been to the BIG OH?
No.....You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and all you want to do it troll.

Hey what's the latest on the Molson Stadium expansion? Has it started? I've heard that everything seems to be in place. Is there a holdup somewhere?