Olympic Stadium may get metal roof

OK a possible new 70 million dollar roof at the Big O. Hmmmm what are your thoughts?
Were they not thinking of tearing it down?
What tennants do they have lined up to use it to warrant another 70 million dollars to be spent on it?

[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/story.html?id=e82996ba-745f-4311-bffe-3f41d689005e]http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/n ... 41d689005e[/url]

The Olympic Stadium is getting closer to having another roof installed.

The Olympic Installations Board confirmed yesterday it has studied technical and architectural plans submitted by SNC-Lavalin for construction of a new fixed roof to be made of metal.

A committee said the plans appear to meet standards, but there are more stages to be completed before contracts are issued giving SNC-Lavalin permission to build, officials said yesterday.

No costs were given, but estimates of $50 million to $70 million have been made in the past. Construction could start as early as November, following the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup game.

Economic Development Minister Raymond Bachand said yesterday the stadium is here to stay. The provincial government, which owns the structure, would pay for the renovations. The government is in favour of any changes that would make it more economically viable, Bachand said.

Any recommendations by the OIB will be carefully scrutinized to ensure they're financially and technically sound, Bachand added.


Tell us again about the self inflicted problems that Winnipeg has

No, there were never plans to tear it down, at least none that were ever announced

A $70.00 million roof and Asper is fighting for half that from the Federal Gov?

A giant crepe maker. Worth every penny.

I hope it comes with new air handlers

Metal roof? Man, that's gonna hurt a whole lot more when pieces fall off.

lol well RO, Does Montreal have 15 lanes merging into 1?
That is not so much a city planning problem, its more of a stadium funding issue on a stadium that is hardly used.
Seriously RO, what future tennants do they hope to bring into the big O on a fulltime basis? Triple A baseball team? More than 2 CFL games?
See if it were up to me, I would put as many sports in their as I could.

Next time I attended a meeting with the Premiere, Ill ask!

If it were up to me I would put more teams there too but there are 2 problems.

  1. its not up to me
  2. there are none!

I guess what I am asking is that, could it still be used in your oppinion?
I myself, am all for saving it.

There are no plans to demolish it but at the same time there is no need for it(the stadium) either.
The tax payer has pumped enough money into it already, there is no need to throw good money after bad

Whats wrong with the old roof?

More money being pumped into the big Owe... gotta shaek your head at the people who comes with these brilliant ideas... :roll: