Olympic Hockey!!!

Latvia 3


the power house latvians

I just saw that too, the US was actually down 3-2 heading into the third. The USA is going to have a hard time medalling in these olympics.

Slovakia also beat Russia 5-4.

Major upset.

Not for me, but for some.

33 tied between the USA and Lativas I am impressed by both team's perfomance.

I been telling everyone at work that Lativa would outright win this game. So i am not shocked by getting a tie. Latvia is a tiny hockey crazy country with a good team and excellant fans. They recently beat the Russian, German, and Switz national teams. Don't be shocked if they win some more in this tournament.
In closing

The last time the US won gold they tied Sweden in there first game, could it be history repeating itself? I think todays game versus Kazackstan is huge if they don't beat them by 5 goals i don't thik they have a chance of medaling. I'am torn i like Vitaly Kolesnick from Kaz he is the goalie for the Lowell Lock Monsters and been up with Colorado some part of the year. I can't wait til they get eliminated so we have him back in net, we haven't won a game since he's been gone.

This is much better than NHL hockey. People are playing positions and advancing the puck instead of shooting it into the far corner and digging it out. One on one, one on two, two on two. Puck handling.
Great stuff.

Wow....just wow.....the Swiss men just upset the Czechs.....

The Swiss beating out the Czechs, wow that's a huge huge upset.

I had no idea the Swiss were that good. This has the makings of a very interesting tournament.

Why can't the NHL be half is good as Olympic hockey. I'am watching the Russians kill the Swedes. I can't believe the passion the Russians are playing with. Beat those cuddled socialists. Before you attack me my grandfather is originally from Sweden, and fought for the US in WWII and absolutley hates them.

There has been a ton of upsets, you got to love it, can the all star game every year and play in this format.

oh, I miss the mighty USSR team, say what you will, but they were dang good, would have kickied the USA butts, but would be no match for Canada.

either way, Canada will win the double Gold, it's only a matter of time.

100 foot rinks :slight_smile:
All-star teams.
Less farting around
More lenient on penalties (not that much though).

They won the double gold in 2002, dork.

They made the NHL more euro like, and I hate it. Euro hockey is Euro hockey, NA hockey should be diffrent.

like the CFL and NFL.

It's actually the exact opposite, Kanga. Take a glance at the 2005-2006 NHL Standard of Officiating video (if you can find it) and see what calls used to go unpenalized in 2004. Plus, nobody is adopting no-touch icing.

The only things that they re-introduced are the elimination of the 2-line pass penalty and touch-up offsides, which are generally regarded as "old school" hockey regulations, and make the game much better.

I agree with you ,Kanga. I will watch Olympic/Euro Hockey only for a short period of time, after that it is boring and I prefer the NHL.

I'm not saying their is anything wrong with Euro hockey, but it and the NHL style should be different.

Watching the NHL take Euro rules was like watching the CFL adopt NFL rules, very painful.

However, I would like it better if the NHL used the no touch icing rule. I like watching two players race for it, but since that like the "Fumble Drill" of the XFL, it would be better if the NHL chaged it. Plus, Goalies wouldn't have to play the puck, which seems to tick off most hockey fans.

Okay, I will say it, European hockey is not as exciting as the NHL. They stress the skill part more in Europe but I prefer the hard hitting, crash bang in the corner and a exciting run by a team for the Stanley Cup. You can watch and enjoy the grace or Europe hockey.

You know what I don't understand, how is the scoring in Soccer (I beat the demo of Super Mario Strikers in Wal Mart today 8) ), with it's much bigger net, smaller than in hockey (I said hockey, not ice hockey, you can take that to the bank)?

seems to me that it should be the other way around, and hockey should be more of a defensive game (while CFL is more offensive).