Olympic Hockey Medal Round - First women, then men

For the record, I think the U.S. will win and that is NOT something I want to see, so my T.V. is off and I will be reading what I hope is a good book.

Good luck to the ladies. I hope they bring home Gold.

Canada starts off with a sloppy and undisciplined style of hockey - goes down 1-0 in the 1st period - takes 4 penalties (2 were deserved, 2 were fiction) and the americans look like they've hired Earl Hebner as referee.

Canada's lack of discipline looks like it may not be corrected but they perservere to tie the match early in the 2nd and go ahead w/ a Marie Philippe Poulin snipe.

Americans have better form and organization but the canuck girls are resolute and trying hard to stave off some very desperate americans.

History of Canadian hockey says when you achieve a 1 goal lead you start playing kitty bar the door - ie. shut down your offense and go into a defensive shell.

So I expect USA to pelt Szabados for rest of match - unless they tie it or go ahead - then it will be very difficult for Canada to switch gears and go back to offense!

Mark Lee telling a helluva story out there - the Canadian girls are just dying out there, can't hold onto the bloody puck. Sticks look like 7-11 straws

Taking stupid penalties to boot . . . don't like the way. this. is. going.

M-P Poulin not much of a well-rounded hockey player - a sniper but zero puck possession when required!!!

Americans clearly have a decided advantage in coaching - and it shows. Canada couldn't lock down the gold with 6 minutes left - had a 3 on 1 that resulted in a poor and wide shot, leading to a mass breakaway for an American sniper. SNAP! TYING GOAL!

Good coaches don't let their charges give up breakaways in final minutes!

Now, we've got a team full of nervous girls (Canada) back-stopped by a pro level goalie (Szabados). Canadian play is way too nervy, far too undisciplined ---- now that I've said all that and insulted Poulin - watch her score the WINNING GOAL.....

actually, by all accounts and factoring momentum - the americans should score easily within the first 3 minutes of the OT . . . . . that or they beat us 2-0 in shootouts!

Too bad out kids don't have a "Sid", everyone else seems allergic to the puck

Can I assume the game is in O.T.?

OT - about 7 min. left to shootout. Both teams dead square tired

Canadian girls playing street hockey - americans still have some form

Good luck to the girls. :slight_smile:

Please bring home the Gold, ladies. :slight_smile:

Shoot-OUT . . .

Don't know if any of the Canadian players have sticks made of anything other than sawdust . . .

Thank you for the updates. Go Canada Go!!!!

Canada has the superior goalie, so... :slight_smile:

sadness at 1:12 am Wpg time

USA wins shootout with 3 markers in 6 shots

Knew they were due.

Thank you for the updates. :slight_smile:

I kept thinking while watching the game that something was wrong with this picture.

I finally realized what it was. No noticeable face hair anywhere.

Oh I just gotta...


(turns in my Canadian passport)

Somebody please kick me for staying up and watching that. Never in all my years playing, watching and coaching hockey have I seen a team give the puck away as much as the Can girls did. They gave it away on every section of the ice ! They gave it away almost every time they had it.
Please get a new coach or at least tell her that the term is 'Dump and chase', not 'Dump and CHANGE' !!!! In the 3rd and OT, I don't think we had 4 shots on net. We were so concerned with changing that many times only one Canuck was in their zone, many times none, and most times the Amers came out of their end clean while our refreshed troops waited patiently for them. PATHETIC. We were great at dumping the puck in and then NOT chasing it. Trying to protect a one goal lead does not mean not trying to score !!!

Like Kevin said about the curling, stop being so pc and get an ex-NHLer to coach these women. Get rid of the no-name coaches who are hired because of their gender.

I can imagine all the so-called fans that want equalization in women's hockey are happy little peaches this morning.... Eventually the rest of the world WILL catch up, we don't need to help them... We need to win as many championships as we can NOW !!!!

I am ridiculed for supporting and watching the Canuck girls and the way they played is a good reason to change my ways and not care. That is NOT how Canadians play the game. I blame the coaching. They deserved to lose, there, I've said it.

Laura Schuler the Canadian coach spent most of the game picking her nose or adjusting her glasses. She's really not much of a hockey coach immo.

The American ladies are a far superior skating and puck control team. They ended up using their speed to deflate and panic up the Canadian girls who like Dan38 said barfed up the puck with reckless abandon. Our best player, Poulin, sniped a goal but was otherwise totally useless. Our professional goaltender got beaten by a 20 yr old child-goalie.

Our shooters were actually able to procure 2 goals in shoot-out - I thought they'd be lucky to pick up one - yet Szabados couldn't keep 3 pucks out of her net in 6 USA attempts.

But other than a few hockey instincts our girls are slightly inferior at almost all positions to their American counter-parts. The coaching isn't even close. We had a nose-picker - they had ex-NHL players/coaches.

Why even put that Lacappe girl in late - she was benched for nearly half the game - then she barfs up the puck at the blue-line during our last 90 sec. power play.

Poulin was trash. Rebecca Johnston can sure skate - until an opponent decides to easily relieve her of the puck. Laracque our so-called stable defenseman was unstable and unsure of herself. Veteran Meghan Mikkelson was a mess - why was she even playing when they had a comer named Bailey Bram in the press box?

No Canadian player distinguished herself last night. OK, maybe Szabados during regular time - she kept an under-powered and confused Canadian team in the game. If not for putrid coaching (Hello Laura) she might have been able to sneak gold from the americans if not for the giveaway breakaway in the last 6 minutes.

Time for another overhaul. One parallel is our women's soccer program which has come up the ranks in the last 10 to 15 years - and had a great head coach (Hedman). But in their last world championships the girls were so tight and frozen they couldn't complete 3 foot passes - couldn't kick the ball more than 5 yds without going off-line and were in general disarray. Even great coaching can't salvage choking.

The Americans deserved to win.

I think there will be a lot of tired people at work today in these parts. Usually if I look out my bedroom window at 1:00AM maybe a handful of residential windows I can see would have lights on. Even at around 2:00AM last night about there were a lot of the 100+ apartment/condo and homes I can see that you could tell people were still up. When the shootout ended I went to close my blinds and you could actually see dozens of lights being turned out within seconds of each other.